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Filling Your Oculus Rift Game Library for $100

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Filling Your Oculus Rift Game Library for $100

Filling Your Oculus Rift Game Library for $100 was last modified: April 18, 2018 by VR Tech Today

Buying games can often be hard on the budget. It can become frustrating when not played more than a couple of times and sit on the shelf. For those gamers who purchased the Oculus Rift, there were two games, which already came with it. But those can quickly lose interest, and it can be hard to know exactly which Oculus Rift game to buy next.


This is probably the most expensive game on the list, but is well worth it. This 3rd person action Oculus Rift game comes in at just under $50. The player has to navigate through a number of labyrinthes. Similar to the same concept in the Legend of Zelda game many gamers recall from the previous century. And the main character even travels through the game equipped with a shield and sword. But don’t confuse it is different in many respects. One of which is when the character dies, he also ages, which changes his abilities and the difficulty of the game while playing.


In this game, the character has to climb cliffs and swing from one tree to the next. Miss the mark and the character falls down to the ground. Coming in at just under $20, this game offers levels which are significantly larger than many similar games, and can take a significant amount of time for a player to master the right way to complete the level. If it is already in a gamer’s library it can be skipped over as there are no significant updates from the previous versions.

Dead Secret

With price of $15, formatted for VR and more of point & click style, it provide a thrilling experience. In this game, the player looks for clues to solve a murder mystery at an old farm-house. Think of it as a VR murder mystery dinner experience.


Darknet is available for about $10 for both Gear VR and as Oculus Rift game, so if already in a gamer’s library, it can be skipped over. This game is definitely for the gamer who is looking for a true hacking experience, with a variety of different tools and weapons to hack away at the intended target. For those who want a tactical gaming experience, this is one of the most engaging options on the market at the $10 price point.


The last one to consider on the list is Dreadhalls. The price is only $10 and might even be in the gaming library as it was previously released for Gear VR. It is a 1st person horror game, where the character has to escape a dungeon while avoiding creatures. It’s highly entertaining, and thrilling to watch when creatures jump out at guests.

If keeping track, the budget of $100 is actually over by $5. What you think how to use your first $100 for Oculus Rift game ?



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