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10th -11th April, 2019: VRX Conference and Expo

10th -11th April, 2019: VRX Conference and Expo

patrickrisa April 10, 2019

VRX is holding its global conference which is being held in Hotel Novotel, Amsterdam City in the Netherlands. The event according to VRX is supposed to take two days starting from 10th of April and concluding on 11th of April. The event will be featuring high profile business leaders across the VR, Augmented and Mixed Reality Industries. According to VRX, they have spoken with many stakeholders across the investment, entertainment, gaming, and the immersive technology intending to find out what they needed to be aware of concerning the future of immersive Technology. VRX believes that what the stakeholders needed was an event and not just any other event involved with evangelism, but an event that will provide strategic outcomes that are clear.

The primary goals of the event

 Addressing the stakeholders concern, VRX then came up with a regular annual event that will bring together business leaders across the tech, gaming and the media industry to keep the sectors in a single place. The other objective of the event is to have a clear picture of the impacts of these technologies. It will feature in-depth case studies and discussions, highlighting some of the revenue opportunities and use-cases. Besides that, the event will have real innovators in attendance. They will showcase some key start-ups offering new game-changing Virtual Reality and AR solutions to drive the growth of the industry. VRX also aims to create networking opportunities for individuals. It seeks for the stakeholders to join the XR community to grow the market together.

Some of the World leading speakers and Brands attending the event

1.    Aleissia Laidacker- International Director, Magic Leap

2.    Herve Fontaine- Vice Director Virtual Reality B2B and Business Development, HTC Vive

3.    Tim Scanlon- Vice President Customer Experience & Innovation, ABB

4.    Greg Ivanov- Head of AR/VR/Lens Partnership(EMEA), Google

5.    Felicia Williams- Head of Product Design-Social VR London, Facebook

6.    Amir Rubin-CEO, Sixsense Enterprise

7.    Terry Schussler-Director, Immersive Technology, Deutsche Telekom

8.    Jill Spaeh-Global Virtual Design and Construction: BIM Integration & Training Specialist

Some of the global brands include:-

•    Microsoft

•    Accenture

•    Deloitte

•    Gensler

•    Walmart

•    Ford

Image Credit: arpost


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