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2MD VR Football Release Date Announced : Thrilling News for Fans

2MD VR Football Release Date Announced : Thrilling News for Fans

VrTechToday Admin May 10, 2018

Here comes the long-awaited moment of 2 MD VR football release. No worries about the proper football playground, screaming and applauding audience, dress kit and fully trained team. You just need an updated play station with 2MD VR and enjoy the thrilling, dynamic, rather aggressive last two minutes game of America’s special football.

Let’s start the VR football game:

The advanced adjustable technology of motion control enables the players to play the natural throw, equally excellent for sit and stand positions. The live spirit of this Truant Pixel is your role as a quarterback. All strategies of offensive play fairly available for all players is the real essence of this virtual reality game. Your timely and accurate body movements result in the sure short goals.

Chances to earn maximum scores:

The real fun of VR football lies in several short games at the end of 2 minutes round. The adrenaline rushes through your veins when the points are increasing rapidly on the scoreboard. You can play limited shots, so play each shot intelligently and with perfect body moves. This technique will definitely give you points.

Planning a smart technique:

This 2-minute’s bumpy ride is a hard nut to crack. You need to be much vigilant, physically and mentally, as you cannot win every time with the same technique. This game will make you realize the real worth of one hundred and twenty seconds and Artificial Intelligence is your opponent in the game. It records all your moves and winning plans. So you cannot utilize a plan more than once.

Customization, the main ingredient:

Your real life heroes are now on a virtual screen. This VR football game allows selecting your own team of 8 players. You can easily design their wardrobe, draw their facial features and dress them up according to your own choice. If you are a die-hard fan of Messi, Ronaldo or Salah, you can dress up your players as them and play with their famous tactics. VR football will give you real fun and joy. Set the two arms of your clock at rest while enjoying this virtual game at your dream stadiums. You never ever had such an exciting experience of a football match before with the ear-bursting screams of your fully responsive audience, live slogans, catchy comments, weird dances and above all the musical noise.

Play stations now have a new wave of excitement and thrill with 2 minute game of MD VR. You, as a game planner, a player, a quarterback, a designer and a winner is an experiment of its own kind. Now put your hands on this game and practically experience the live spirit of virtual reality. You will soon, right after the game, find yourself busy recommending your friends this very game.

The difficulty level of seven different rounds makes you mere an active participant in this game. Try this game, and exercise all of your football tricks and those of celebrities also and just enjoy the happy winning treat. Only 2 minutes full of life stadium, smart players. IR ground, and all possible football move, what else you need! All these are hard to believe unless you try yourself.

Spend 2 very active minutes while playing the VR football game and 2 more minutes in expressing your views about the game in comments. Your liking or disliking will help to gather statistics regarding millions of play station players about this new game.


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