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3 Golden Rules for Building Virtual Reality Technology

3 Golden Rules for Building Virtual Reality Technology

VrTechToday Admin March 28, 2018

Gifts make an important part of every occasion, festival, and party. This leaves one obscure on the options of what to gift your close ones. Well, ask the GeNext and they would instantly suggest VR systems. As per the predictions of retail pundits, more people are gauging on gifting virtual reality technology devices. It is common to find a Rift, PlayStation VR or Vive in gift pack nowadays. That’s the latest liking of present gizmo era.

A brief history of Virtual Reality

The invention of VR took place to gain an understanding of the basic brain structure and its science. It is a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine, which is expensive and bulky to maintain. No one knew the future of VR will turn into a potential gadget replacing TV sets.

After the years of study, scientists have understood how VR application can transform the world for better. This lands one with a myriad of questions including the techniques to harness the use of VR? Well, listed below are three rules to help guide people pertaining to this gizmo craze.

Watch out for proper content

VR is an effective medium to do things which aren’t possible in the real world. This includes turning oneself into the avatar of a superman or the savior of the world. The same will pose danger in other situations too. One needs to be careful about what they are projecting through the medium of this tool.

VR technology contemplates influencing people’s behavior and attitudes in future. This puts more load on the user to handle it in a responsible manner. Technologies are quite addictive, as it gives one a ride into the surreal.

Choose the content with care

Knowing what to post in the VR is necessary. Suppose one contemplates to go back to the time of their forefathers, VR is the apt choice. If one wishes to feel the magic of growing a third arm or turning into a cow, VR is perfect.

No do not post harmful and dangerous content in VR as it poses danger for masses and individuals.Ensuring proper use of the content is necessary. The person viewing the content should notfeel sick.Make the content fun, exciting and transformational to watch.

Safety issues

Virtual reality carries people into a world of magic. A Good VR can cause a person forgetting their real physical world. Herein, this technology can pose a threat to future if not used effectively.

People have often found to have forgotten their existential reality and turned violent on viewing violent contents on VR. These technologies are intense and have deeper emotional and psychologically compelling effects.

The Future of Virtual Reality Technology

This all information draws us to the final question, what does the future hold for VR? Well, no one has seen the future and it needs constant striving to make it successful. Amid this, the question arises on how to use virtual reality technology with control?


The internet is a potential platform for VR, turning into a medium for influencing masses online. The technological revolution will turn into a wild ride if not taken care off. Respecting its unique potential to transform the world, here we put out the question to you. What is the better way of using VR? What do you think it will turn out to be? An escapism and sensationalism from reality or a transformer of the world.

We welcome your feedback. We would be glad to know your thoughts too. Do not forget to render us your thoughts by sharing your ideas in the comment section.

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