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About Bezoar

Now VR can be stream on any device with WebVR site – new launch by Within

VR Tech Today July 1, 2018

Afraid from Bear Attacks? Get Ready and Equipped with this new VR Training

VR Tech Today June 24, 2018

Take a VR tour inside the historic secret Annex of Anne Frank

VR Tech Today June 25, 2018

We Are A Team of Programmers, Designers and Visionaries. We Transform Your Ideas To Reality.

Established with an aim to bring out web revolution, Bezoar Software is built upon the foundation of creativity, passion, and vision. Supremely focussing on Next-generation technologies and new strategies, Bezoar software is a one-stop solution for all your software need. As the name suggests, it is an antidote to all your IT problems.
With a dedicated team of experts, we have served numerous clients with 1000’s of projects across the globe. With our hands on evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Deep learning, Data Science and cognitive technologies, we strive to produce the best results More…

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