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Acadicus, a new VR training kit developed by Arch Virtual

Acadicus, a new VR training kit developed by Arch Virtual

patrickrisa May 1, 2019

Training with a video is good technique, however, training with an immersive VR scenario is far much effective. This is because an immersive scenario gives the trainees the opportunity to participate in the virtual environment which is not the case with video training. This is the idea behind the launch of Acadicus. This training kit aims to provide various institutions, organizations, military and businesses with opportunity to make their own customized VR training simulations. “We’re trying to open access to the development of VR training.” Said Jon Brouchud, Arch Virtual CEO.

The training kit, creates a platform that includes a number of equipment and locations, with this, organizations can create a virtual reality simulation, customize it and save it so it can be accessed when need arises. “It takes months for us to build an application. We wanted to find a way to alleviate a lot of the complexity and expense, and to enable trainers to capture demonstrations into a virtual-reality experience that other people could watch,” said, Jon. Right now Arch Virtual is focusing the training kit on health care institutions. According to Brouchoud, simulations in medical fields is one of the areas in VR training which is growing rapidly.

Photo Credit: Orthofeed

Arch Virtual is working with a number of hospitals to create a wide range of VR training environments including home health care, paramedic skills and a trauma center. Brouchoud believes in a few years to come other industries are going to embrace the VR training kit. “I wanted to build a system that would enable us to reach as many people as possible,” said Brouchoud. Virtual Arch got the opportunity to showcase the VR training kit during the Virtual Worlds Forum in March. “The immersive spatial recording and multi-user functionality of Acadicus are some of the most sought-after functionalities that enterprise trainers and learning-content creators have been searching for.” Emphasised John Grand, Virtual Worlds Forum coordinator.


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