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Apple Developing High Resolution Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headsets to be Released in 2020

Apple Developing High Resolution Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headsets to be Released in 2020

VR Tech Today May 21, 2018


Based on recent reports from leading technological news websites and magazines, Apple is developing an Augmented and Virtual Reality headset. The Apple headset has a targeted 8000 resolutions per eye and is scheduled for release in 2020.


Apple has a history of recruiting specialists in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality. During the last year, Apple has publicly listed a number of job openings for candidates with experience as well as expertise in VR.

The pace of recruiting for such candidates has certainly seen an upward trend. The recent positions that Apple has listed is a ‘Virtual Reality File Format Engineer’ and a ‘Virtual Reality Pipeline Engineer’.

Apple has also seen to be filing patents with the concerned authorized in fields related to VR and AR.

Virtual Reality headsets are the focus and are touted to be more compact and more comfortable than the ones that are available for purchase in the market today.

An illustration of Apple’s catadioptric optical system used in their VR headsets

Apple has also been fairly aggressive in its attempts to acquire companies that have been at the forefront of developing new advances in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

This has enabled it to push the envelopment when it comes to how far these technologies can go to assist in human experiences.

Last year, reports claimed that Apple had taken over Vrvana. Vrvana is a little-known headset maker for Virtual Reality that has been in operation since 2014. The acquisition deal was said to be struck at $30 million.

This can give an idea how much Apple is focusing on Virtual Reality in the near future and is placing its bets on upcoming technologies like AR and VR.

The T288 – Apple headset set for 2020 release

As Apple moves ahead on its aggressive stance on AR & VR, there are a number of rumors on what exactly the technology giant has planned.

According to a report by Bloomberg in late 2017, Apple is busy finalizing the development of T288, a new and improved AR & VR headset.

T288 will provide the user with an 8000 resolution for each eye. It will be able to power using a standalone host device containing a made-to-order Apple chip. Using 60 GHz connections, the headset is able to transfer wireless information.

The Apple headset is also said to have the ability for inside-out form of tracking rather than the usual external trackers.

As with the case with most products in development mode, the information’s reliability is difficult to measure. Even the release of a codename is an aberration to the norm.

Another interesting aspect is the similarity of leaked areas such as codenames, targeted year of launch, etc


Apple has again made a strong statement with its push on the technology surrounding the Augmented and Virtual Reality front. The ARKit has also further increased the spread of AR to the public.

ARKit extend support to its phone-based augmented reality experiences that have been available to the vast number of iOS users the world over.

We hope you, our readers, found this Apple headset post interesting and insightful. As always, we look forward to your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts via the Comments section below. You can also send us topics or areas of your interest. We will try to include them in our future cycles.



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