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How Augmented and Virtual Reality Impacts Personalized Learning ?

How Augmented and Virtual Reality Impacts Personalized Learning ?

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2018

Existing educational institutions measure each student’s progress ability against a set of national standards. Most of all, these push students to perform based on an agreed standard. Consequently, Personalized Learning experiences take on a much more custom form of education. Due to the recent development of technology today, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) provide students with a more personalized learning experience. Due to AR/ VR use for personalized learning educational systems are moving closer to providing truly custom and tailored education to each student.

AR/ VR use for personalized learning method

Personalized Learning method is a learning method that is created according to the requirements of each student.

How do AR/ VR use for personalized learning help with this goal? Here is a short summary –

1. Augmented Reality

AR combines the real world with digital imprints or settings. AR uses real-world learning materials like textbooks, posters, writing material, etc. Therefore, this triggers specific instructions to the AR device. Consequently, students are able to use real-world learning material to provide signals to the AR device. Furthermore, this allows students to use an increased educational or knowledge layer.

2. Virtual Reality 

A 3-dimensional computer generated projection of an imagined environment is known as Virtual Reality. A VR head-set and similar VR specific instruments are required to access VR imagined settings. While the expenses of using VR are fairly large, its benefits are many.

In addition, a research was completed by Samsung Electronics America and GfK. The research found that 83% of teachers surveyed felt that Virtual Reality technology can help improve learning results in their students.

The Challenges of Implementing AR/ VR use for personalized learning

The Personalized Learning system works around this problem by mainly aiming to limit the number of such shifting standards.  This makes sure that the learning experience is more controlled and the outcomes are more predictable. Furthermore, this main focus area is what brings AR & VR to the spotlight. While the ideal personalized learning method for every student remains a distant goal, the development in these two technologies can definitely be of help

The Impact AR & VR can have on Personalized Learning

Looking at the performance of each student, teachers can then provide specific instructions and tailored improvement areas for each student. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, is a cheaper and more easily available technology. This still makes personalized learning a definite possibility. According to an expert in developing technologies, all AR needs is for students to be able to access smartphones or tablets. Institutions are able to develop AR-enabled interactive experiences even without having the deep knowledge of complicated code. AR/ VR use for personalized learning allows students to experience and understand a number of different concepts as they occur in their digital world. Most noteworthy is that this takes the learning experience to a higher level and makes experimental learning opportunities more accessible.


In conclusion, AR/ VR use for personalized learning, has the ability to take learning experiences beyond the basic processes of text-based courses. In addition, the task of putting texts to memory may soon prove to be not as important. These technologies provide students with access to different learning practices and the ability to interact with their course material at a higher plane.

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Image Credit: Virtual Speech and Medium

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