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Art is moving to next level with VR and Blockchain


New worlds can turn out to be strange with VR and blockchain involvement in Art. For example, Jordan Wolfson created the arguable virtual reality process, namely Real Violence. In this, you witness the hit a man to death. Hence there are many examples of such video games. Anish Kapoor, a popular sculptural creator, minimized the audience to microscopic scale at March Art Basel Hong Kong. He took his viewers on a ride in the human body from inside. Meanwhile, Marina Abramovic, the performance craftsman, in waters of climate alters rising of sea levels.

Taking other examples where the artwork didn’t have a physical existence or a virtual optical presentation. In 2016, Kevin Abosch sold out real-life potato photography for € 1 million.  In this Valentine’s Day, a rose concept sold out to 10 collectors of a group for US$1 million. Forever Rose stand as an ERC20 token, namely Rose on the Ethereum blockchain. Rose photography of Abosch forms the root of the Forever Rose.

London’s Dadiani Fine Art located at Mayfair district is the first craft gallery in the world to support VR and blockchain and grant multi-currency cryptocurrency. Eleesa Dadiani, the founder, was the first to start working with Bitcoin. However, attentions stir her. It isn’t necessarily the case that there isn’t genuine skill when it comes to the decentralized digital system or VR.  Stating in other words, craft should pass the same investigation irrespective of technology and tools use. Benayoun created “On the Road: Young Media Artists in China” exhibition” in CityU. The exhibition aims at presenting expertise using different means of media and technology. Thus, the show counted on materials like 3D-printed polymer, custom electronics, and Mozzi coated Arduino controller.

Today, latest skill urge for technical knowledge. The creative process is what craftsman is counting on since 20th century. Something from Renaissance when artists known to be the best scientists.

Maurice Benayoun

According to Benayoun, AI, graphics robotics, sound generation and multisensory apparatuses are highly advance. But at the same time craftmanship can’t relate to any DIY’s complex form puzzle with electronic gadgets. He also stated that it comes to stating poetry and messages, creative activity can go beyond view. Hence as per him, creative activity can also convey dialogue, action, emotions, and questions. Creative excellence matches its steps with perspective, both audiences, and artists, can experience something new.

Last year, Royal Academy of Arts in London appointed Jessy Jetpacks, a British designer, for their virtual reality show. Jin the past, Jessy showed her skills in machinima, combining cinema and machine. However, animations help in cinematic production.  In her creation, she kept an eye on tools and who commands the image and software. Though previously she evaluates the economics of power and politics but now she is more engulf in emotional landscapes.

In latest artistic practice, going beyond still image and object to somewhere more interactive stands most significant evolution. Another popular stage designer Es Devlin came up with an interactive poem at London’s Serpentine Gallery. His work was in partnership with Google Arts and Culture. A Google algorithm of British poetry of 19 century and trained over 25 words for the same. However, a viewer takes his place in the photo booth; he needs to choose a word. Hence the algorithm comes in use for generating an original poem of two lines. Moreover, the viewers can have the printout of the same with the poem going across the image. Hus, this is a poetry selfie. According to Devlin, AI provided her with the way to think differently about her own process.

Hong Kong too is welcoming VR and blockchain with hi-tech craft. However with that hi-tech skill are becoming our own world of reality.

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Image Credit: Google Arts & Culture

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