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Google Instant Apps New Feature: Augmenting Online Shopping Experience

Google Instant Apps New Feature: Augmenting Online Shopping Experience

VR Tech Today May 12, 2018

Attention Online Shoppers!!!! You are about to experience a whole new way of shopping with Google’s Instant Apps new feature. Letting users try applications without having to download them. Also, the new feature converges with ARCore, which extends this function to Augmented Reality Apps. In other words, users can shop and experience other augmented reality features without having to download any apps or visit any product website.

Announced at Google’s annual I/O developer conference, Instant Apps new feature opens up new areas of possibilities. Especially since the integration supports direct Google Search. This update comes 2 years after the initial launch of Instant Apps. Its allowing users to search items they wish to purchase right from Google Search. And instantly use the AR integration to virtually try the product and get a glimpse of how it would look like in reality.

A demonstration of this feature shows how users can instantly search for an item. With the instant app support, get an augmented reality view of the item. It is  much like having it right in front of them with a 360-degree view.

Furthermore, with a device that supports this feature, users can pay right from the search link using Google Pay. Don’t need to download the App or visiting the store website.

Viewing items at various angles is not the only selling point of this new feature. Some apps show that users can even virtually try furniture or paintings in their homes before buying. As amazing as this feature is, there are certain limitations regarding the products that can use this technology. For example, items like hats and sunglasses cannot give filter-like view to show how it would look on a person’s face. However, it’s still early to conclude that this may not come in the future.

With that said, it’s quite obvious that the new feature brings Augmented Reality closer to mainstream users from gamers and high-end developers, as long as they own a supporting device.

Some online stores have already begun integrating this feature on other platforms. But currently, no reports show that sales have skyrocketed from its introduction. User’s preference also comes into play in just how acceptable and functional augmented reality shopping could be. Some may like it, some may not, others may not even know how to use it. Despite that, one thing is clear though, this move by Google is not only going to introduce AR to users that are unfamiliar with it but it will also bring this high-end technology to mainstream consumers. It sounds like fun to view items more closely and virtually try them before buying.

In sum, once the update hits devices, users can search for an item, virtually try it, and instantly buy with Google Pay. Whether this feature is groundbreaking or not, depends on consumer preferences.

So, are you excited about this new feature? Do you think AR shopping is going to be a thing? What do you think? Hit the comments below

 Image Credit: Google

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