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AWS Sumerian : An Easier Way to Augmented and Virtual Reality in Enterprises

AWS Sumerian : An Easier Way to Augmented and Virtual Reality in Enterprises

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

Amazon Web Services definitely aims high. Their latest efforts to ease the pain of AR and VR development shows this. The efforts are still in their early stages but we can always take a look at the efforts.

Amazon started their Sumerian service. This service is the answer to the future of augmented and virtual reality applications in enterprises. The AR and VR applications will be web-browser based. They also have a standard coming for it called the WebXR.

Here’s a look at the Sumerian interface and hosts





The existing platforms from Facebook and HTC require a high level of expertise. Enterprises do not have this readily available. That is the problem developers face with Vive and Oculus. There are tools available like Unity for example. These are a great help to game developers. But it becomes difficult for enterprises to find such use cases. This lack of use cases leads to failure in investment in these tools.

AWS has its hopes on Sumerian easing the process for enterprises. They expect enterprises to use it owing to the easy steps given for its usage. Polly and Lex are also integrated with Sumerian. Polly is the voice platform and Lex is Alexa’s engine.

A few enterprises tested the beta version of the Sumerian. They gave quite a few use cases for the testing. Development time saw a considerable decrease. This was the major observation.Also, there was an ease in the implementation. This made it simpler to try out several things in augmented reality and virtual reality applications. This was a welcome change than the tools earlier.

There are a lot of avenues opening up for Sumerian. With text to speech, there can be hosts for various things like a cruise or in providing training and education. There are many other services that can be used.

The ease of use and a web browser open a lot of doors. Various new use cases will emerge.

How it is different?

There are already a few competitors for Sumerian. One is Apple’s ARKit and the other is the AR code from Android. But these focus more on mobile apps.

AR development will be simpler as AWS will provide a model library. There will be many assets and scenes free. AR and VR in a browser will be the major factor in attracting enterprises. Then there is also AWS integration steps and workflows which will be automated.

This is the first time that AWS is working with W3C. They are unifying a standard for immersive technologies. Their WebXRAPI will include everything in immersive application development. This will include AR and VR and all the other computing technologies that come under it.

There are many companies who see a lot of potential in augmented and virtual reality. With Sumerian, they can actually experiment with the use cases as it is easy to integrate. The scalability has also considerably increased. It is not long before we see a weather report in 3-D. Sumerian is already in use for this. We will see a weather report with all kinds of emotions, but without an actual human. It will all be virtual reality.

There is a whole spectrum of things awaiting implementation. Augmeted reality and virtual reality is the future and now it is more achievable than before. Looks like the wait is finally over.

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Image Credit: Amazon Web Services

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