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BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup App – Experience Match Without Actually Being There

BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup App – Experience Match Without Actually Being There

VrTechToday Admin June 26, 2018

BBC is going to give you this chance of watching the world cup from where you are but feeling as if you is in the stadium. This will be the virtual reality experience of the live matches from Russia.These games will include all of England’s matches and the final. All this is available on the BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup app.

This will be a fully indulging experience with users witnessing the action directly from the stadium. You will feel as if you are actually watching the match right in the stadium.

Indulge in the live matches of the day with live commentary of the BBC TV games. This will also have a dashboard of live statistics and real-time match updates and information.

The build-up right up to the match is available. You can also enjoy highlights of the matches and 360-degree videos.

All this can is achieved with either smartphones or tablets. The VR headset is also available for a more indulging experience.

How do I access BBC Sport VR?

The first thing that you will require is to download the BBC Sport VR World Cup app. The app is available on Android(Google Play), iOS(app store) and on the Oculus site for the Oculus and Samsung Gear VR. It is also available at the PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR users.

The other thing required is an internet connection obviously and a VR or 360 device to enjoy the matches. The World Cup app and the BBC World official app are different. The world cup app is a separate stand-alone app for the virtual reality experience only.

What will be available?

Once in the app, the users will be taken into the virtual world of BBC’s world cup lounge. This is where they will access the live match and statistics and highlights.

This app will give access to all the 33 matches which BBC world is going to telecast. These matches will be available on BBC television live. You can also enjoy the highlights of other games from the World Cup tournament here.

Safety and Terms of Use

LiveLike provides the live stream, the app,and the other data required for BBC World. They are doing it for the BBC World. The terms of use of the app store and the other third-parties will also apply. You should follow the safety information provided by the BBC Sport VR or 360 device suppliers.

There may be content which is not applicable to all age groups. There may be flashing images and even strobe effects. This is the reason why the app is applicable for the age group of 16 years and above. Also, this given on as-is basis.

BBC is not assuring the availability nor the quality of the app or the content as this is entirely on an experimental basis.

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Image Credit: BBC

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