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Brownies and Guides Honored with Virtual Reality Tech Badge

Brownies and Guides Honored with Virtual Reality Tech Badge

VrTechToday Admin June 22, 2018

This is the first time in the history that someone receives a VR tech badge. A group of Brownies and Guides receive the award. The colleens were from California’s Saltash District. They assist the researchers in designing virtual environments in the hospital for sick children. Bob Stone guide the project. Hence the head of Human Interface Technologies Team of the University of Birmingham sound excited about the project. Thus, he added saying that they always thought of creating a fantasy garden for the painful children. Hence they wish to keep the children over there and allow them to face some challenges. He also said that they took some ideas from the colleens for the dream of their VR garden.

Though, the task was not easy but the lass tried different surroundings to get inspiration from. From Mars’ dust cloud to Japanese gardens, they placed everything under their test. This was an official insignia of Girlguiding. But still Stone expect that in the near future national organization come up with something likewise. VR tech badge award program designed to educate the children in designing and coding. However Stone is concern that these programs are not the latest one. Although he fears that it might not work in terms of challenging the youngsters. He also said that placing them in a Japanese garden tell everything. He noted that youngsters present over there came up with an intelligent question. According to him, it is not awesome only. But it is how the whole thing works.

Last year UK Girlguiding made a survey. The result was that 30% of them think that computing was boys’ thing. Whereas 16% between the age group of 7 to 21 were confident with their skills in digital.

Sophie Hedley is a member of the Advocate Panel of Girlguiding. However, she felt great that Saltash’s Guides and Brownies took the flavor of virtual reality with the VR tech badge award. She said that the colleens made use of their virtual world to explore things in their locality. Revealing their future plans, Sophie said that they motivate the female power to try out new things. She said in this summer they will come with a program fill with new symbols and activities. It is going to be the biggest service ever. Sophie thinks that this will open up more opportunities for the female. Thus, they can get an open world top with exciting opportunities. Moreover, they will learn innovative ways of scrutinizing STEM. This is certainly going to be a great opportunity. Thus, everyone expects to get the best result out of these programs.

The New Badge

Stating about the newest emblem in the range is the digital design sign. Google is going to develop a new program in which they will take part. Microsoft will pair with Girlguiding for an innovative research project. VR tech badge will help in judging the way girls look at their digital skills.

Apart from tech, the latest emblems will aim at science and engineering. EasyJet will sponsor an aviation symbol. They will carry their aircraft experiments. In order to involve lass in politics, they made their effort in releasing suffrage of centenary of women. This year they asked the female child to brace their elections and fulfill it with manifestos and political parties.

Could you remember the dreaded hostess token? Shake your mind and take your memories to the cup serving tea with the biscuits. It was all under the critical eye of Brown Owl. It was all for adding another symbol in the belt. In the due course, we do not forget the knitting and needlework symbol or the housekeeping one.

The “home skills” emblem existence which urges for tidiness, iron and put the tables. The survey mentioned earlier also came with some other interesting facts. It reveals that between the age 7 -10, 57% girls think they are better than boys in household chores. 15% girls between ages 11-21 feel less important than boys due to gender stereotypes.

What do you think on such VR tech badge award program? Comment below to share your valuable thoughts with us.

Image Credit: Girlguiding

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