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Release of Most Anticipated VR Stealth Game Budget Cuts Delayed until further Notice

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Release of Most Anticipated VR Stealth Game Budget Cuts Delayed until further Notice

Release of Most Anticipated VR Stealth Game Budget Cuts Delayed until further Notice was last modified: June 23, 2018 by VR Tech Today

A teaser was released three years ago.  Thereafter, VR gamers heard no more.  The short demo kindled their appetite. It promised action, stealth, and suspense. But that’s all it did for three years. Whetted the appetite and left the gamer hungering for the main course of this VR stealth game.

 A long wait for the action game

For every low, there’s a high. But the day still not arrived.  The normally reticent team at Neat Corporation finally released another demo at GDC 2018. And then a release date was announced, as the world of gamers waited with bated breath.  16th May 2018 was the date for the official launch of the game.  But then technological glitches played spoilsport. Release was delayed by another fortnight. It was a tragedy in Scene I of Act I for avid gamers.  They had to continue their vigil. Eventually, Budget Cuts expected to arrive at HTC Vive and Oculus Rift  May 31st, 2018. But Neat Corporation has delayed it until further notice.

 A very familiar plot line for a start

Budget Cuts is a story of the everyday employee. Employed at mega corporate TransCorp, your work is routine – stamping papers and filing documents.  The not unfamiliar story of de-recognition runs through the game.  Corporate money crunching efforts are always at play.  A fellow worker is ousted from the department to the dismal HR department. You realize that some someday soon, it could be you too. The fact remains that this could be a forerunner of times to come.  Humans could be minimized at the workplace. The day is not too far when mechanized robots take over. And then unexpectedly a package arrives.  This package sees you through a gripping ninja mission in the corporate world.

How the VR stealth game evolves

It is a game of stealth. You have change tools and access inventory smartly. It takes time to gain muscle button memory, it may be difficult but it is satisfying. Your arsenal of deadly weapons includes office supplies.  The scale of room space technology is highly impressive. You are constantly on the move, peaking around walls, ducking and dodging danger.

Patience is an essential virtue when you’ll play Budget Cuts.  You cannot get power back up, no defenses will be available. One shot from a robot could send you back to square one.  As stated earlier, you could fall a zillion times in this game.  Patience is a virtue in this game.

Surprisingly, you can also play this VR stealth game without any violence, you can get through without decommissioning any robots.  The solution is to utilize the ventilation shafts to escape and come out alive.

You can complete a task in several ways.  Neat Corporation has made sure that gamers have no way to cheat as they peer through grills and gates.  The game commands all your sensibilities and makes you live in the here and the now.

We value your feedback

Please feel free to write what you are expecting with this new VR stealth  game.  We are waiting to hear from you to better our next post.

Image Credit : Neat Corporation

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