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CaptoGlove now have extra sensory realism with its new prototype


Data gloves are still a novice for physical interaction in the virtual world. Gloves acting as wireless controllers are already developed by companies like Captoglove and Manus VR. Captoglove has already stepped into the world with a stunning Kickstarter event preceding their launch last year.

Captoglove is also on its toes preparing on large plans involving haptics. That is what the company is working on coming out with next.

Haptics is what makes virtual reality experiences more real. An example is haptic vests that along with audio and visuals also make you get the feeling of being hit. When talking with respect to gloves, haptics will add the sense or feeling of touch. This will help you feel stuff when you pick something up. It can also go upto making you feel the texture or pressure like when you break an egg.

This year at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Captoglove demonstrated the new prototype that they were working on. This targets temperature sense for users. The users will be able to feel hot, cold, warm and similar sensations.

Touch is one of the most basic and best ways for humans to understand the things around them. Even babies try to touch things first. The temperature sensor can actually help warn us of impending dangers. Captpglove’s prototype had metal sinks at the fingertips of all the fingers and the thumb. In the demo,a number of images flashed on the screen one after the other. These included images of fire, a coffee mug, ice cubes. With each image information relays back to the gloves.

The fire felt hot to the gloves. So hot that there was an instant pull back reaction despite it being virtual. The ice cubes were appropriately cold and the coffee mug felt warm. The thing that left everyone awestruck was the sheer speed at which the reactions occurred. The finger could instantly change and adjust to the temperatures. This is highly useful for industrial applications and of course games.

Captoglove also highlighted that once this haptic system is deployment ready, they can easily add it to all the existing Captogloves. This means that their early consumers will not miss out on this latest addition in technology.

The company CEO also mentioned that the company plans on adding resistance once they are fully ready with the temperature system. With both together, the user will feel the warmness of the mug and the mug itself together.”

The temperature aspect is very interesting and has innumerable possibilities for various virtual reality applications.

As of now, the temperature system has no specific date of release. Captoglove is still trying to reduce the size to a suitable one. Serious VR enthusiasts will find Captoglove even more enticing after this.

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Image Credit : Captoglove

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