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Catch a glimpse of the Virtual Reality world presented by Blind

Catch a glimpse of the Virtual Reality world presented by Blind

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

The whole basis of virtual reality is to appeal to all your senses. By doing this it involves you completely in the experience. This is what makes it such a mesmerizing experience. In this way many VR games put a major focus on the visual aspect. That leads to the players wanting more and engrosses them completely into the VR game.

However, game developers Tiny Bull Studios together with Surprise Attack Games are doing the complete opposite. They have totally changed the focus point in their new game. They have come up with the game called Blind based on their “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” theme. This theme is what got the two to partner and come up with the game.

What is the game about

This is a one of a kind VR game. It gives you a whole new perspective. As the name suggests you, the protagonistis blind. So the entire gaming experience is in the dark. Though you are not totally blind, you are visually impaired which makes the darkness relevant. Also, there are features which you can use. These enable you to have the abilities of a bat. Only the echolocation properties don’t worry, you don’t turn into Batman or woman in this case! This characteristic helps you view the outlines of the things around you. This is what helps you move around in Blind’s virtual world.

The Premise of the VR Game

The game begins with you waking up to the shock of having lost your sight. To top that you are in a weird and unknown room. Also, you a young woman, have no memory of how you got there in the first place. The start itself is so exciting that it keeps you asking for more. As you start with the VR game, Warden with a ghostly voice leads you on. This is when you find yourself in a twisted old mansion. You have to find your way through this mansion with the help of your cane. The sound of your cane and objects around the house like a gramophone help you explore around the mansion.

You have sound waves that come to your rescue. With their help, you can atleast make out outlines of the objects around you. This makes moving around the mansion better. Along the way, there are various puzzles that she needs to solve. These help her find out what exactly happened to her. The mystery of what has happened to her unravels as she does this.

As the game progresses, she is able to uncover the truth. The closer she gets to the truth she gets closer to face her most dreaded enemy. That enemy is unknown and cannot be seen by anyone.


This is not the first game to use echolocation and a blind protagonist. The game Stifled also had similar stuff. It was a psychological thriller by Gattai Games. It transferred all the real world sights into the virtual world using the microphone attached to the headphones.

This game is expected to last for 4-5 hours. It will be compatible with all the major VR platforms for PC-based games. Let’s experience it for ourselves when it comes out this Spring.

Do let us know your thoughts on this VR game. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Please feel free to leave your comments on how we are doing and also on how we can keep on improving. Thanks for reading!


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