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Creed: Rise to Glory does full Justice to VR Boxing

Creed: Rise to Glory does full Justice to VR Boxing

VrTechToday Admin June 5, 2018

Creed: Rise to Glory will hit the market at the end of this year. However, the event tries every way to provide you with the real experience of VR boxing. Hence last week, the same showed up in the Sony pre-E3 event held at California’s Santa Monica.

Creed is not just a game

It can’t be denied fight fits well in virtual reality. However, it does include the version of Sony on PlayStation 4. Hence a tracking device fixed to both the motion controllers.  However, it provides you good sense. With the help of the tracking, you can actually know where your paws are in the Virtual reality world. But you should not mistake it to have its limit in punching only. Rather you can state it going far beyond the boundaries of punching. While keeping yourself moving, you require to duck and dive.  If you take it as a event, you are surely going to lose. But whenever you take it with actual fighting spirit, you took a step toward the win.

However, you might feel a bit tired of the VR boxing match. But that’ surely sounds good as you become tired when playing in the real world. In the middle of all this, you will certainly get the ultimate fun you lure for. But the shape of the player’s body is sad. The best part of this is that you can’t act smart by memorizing your enemy’s pattern. Hence memorizing the punch-outs will certainly be a waste of time.  However, you require to act as for the circumstance similar to real-time boxing. Hence you search for the openings. Moreover, when you need to go for a defensive play, you should put your hands up. But that doesn’t mean you stop attacking your VR boxing opponent.  Look out for the openings, attack but keep yourself safe too.

The designers tried hard to give it a feel of realistic and succeeded in the attempt with a huge score. But in order to provide you with game feeling, it has included some features. Like when you duck to prevent the attack of your opponents, time gets slow down. However, it gives you the chance to imply a counter-attack on your opponents. Hence in the time period, you can launch multiple punches on your enemies. Does real boxing provide you this facility? No. But with VR boxing, you get a chance to overcome your enemies and stay ahead in the match.

However, the designer of the match also has an imaginative solution that helps you in recovering from any knockout. While you go down in the game, the camera zooms out far from your body. On facing such a situation, you have to move your arm back and forth. Hence you need to act as if you are running back to your earthly frame. Moreover, you run faster, every time you get more hurt. However you get into pressure, every time you try to recover from the knockout. Hence you don’t fall back on button-mashing. However seeing the effort, it is hard to deny their job.

The Tutorial

However, the tutorial movie featured at the beginning didn’t seem to work much. Rocky movies are nice but Sylvester Stallone comic voice here is not that worthy. However, in the short tutorial, the lip of the model doesn’t seem to move.   Hence it is not possible to know the character before getting into a fight with it. However, don’t hope for a Rocky movie. But longing for the fight title in VR, it gets a win.

We would like to hear your point of view on this VR boxing play. Tell us by commenting below.


Image Credit: Survios

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