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CryptoCarz – The Blockchain Powered VR Racing Experience

CryptoCarz – The Blockchain Powered VR Racing Experience

VrTechToday Admin June 14, 2018

The tech industry these days is seeing more and more of the blockchain. The most popular amongst developers being the Ethereum platform. It is decentralized and open source so why not. It ensures increased stability and security when it comes to your digital assets. Ethereum wants to make people understand their technology and its value even better. For this purpose, they partnered with Blockchain Studio and came up with CryptoCarz. This is the first time someone has come out with a blockchain powered VR racing experience. The company ensures that this is by far the most advanced and secure system that collects digital assets.

The players can select from as many as 20 varied models of cars. A different cryptocurrency represents each car in this VR racing experience. ERC721 represents this on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC721 are unchangeable tokens.

Each model has 650 vehicles only. These are customized versions of the cars. These are unique and only available here. So if a player wants to score that particular model they need to act fast with the rental or purchase.

Currently one can have these vehicles only through an online auction held by CryptoCarz. There will be a provision to sell and trade eventually. This will happen on a secured marketplace on the Ethereum network. A player will have the freedom to customize their models. Each model will have its own unique physical properties and also its own on-track performance.

The blockchain technology in itself had caused a revolution. It is a decentralized network. It is basically a global chain of computers. These together manage the database. The concept of CryptoCarz seems the first step in building an entire sports community online using the blockchain. This will become a highly secure marketplace of digitally owned goods which are finite in number with real money of course.

There is a whole world out there in which people make and deal with millions of digital goods. All this happens in the virtual world. People spend countless real hours in this world. They even create spaceships. So the virtual world, currency,and goods all eventually go hand in hand.

Digital Collectibles comprise of an eagerly pursued combination. This is a combination of some unique digital art, highly competitive gameplay and premium content provider’s IP. These providers can be entertainers or some major sports leagues.

So get ready to attend the auctions online and get your hands on the limited editions of some amazing customized pairs of wheels. These can be yours to keep and you can also customize them according to your specifications. This will also be a test of your VR racing skills. So are you game for some blockchain VR racing action?

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Image Credit: CryptoCarz

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