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How Entertainment Studios and their attention towards VR Enthrall Movie Fans?

How Entertainment Studios and their attention towards VR Enthrall Movie Fans?

VrTechToday Admin June 29, 2018

At one point of time, way into the future, Philip Barrigas is a brave colonial marine who goes on a mission to the enemy’s planet. It was a doomed rescuing mission. He manages to fight with the 7 feet tall creators of the alien world. Philip very gallantly fights with those tall creatures and fires at the aliens ruthlessly. He manages his ammunition, jumps, and slides and so on.

Hook Customers to Malls

As a matter of ground reality, Philip, whose age is just only 24 is nobody but just a security guard who stands by the gate of the Orange County Supermarket or Mall. He had just completed VR entertainment experience that was tied to the greatest science fiction movies alien- descent. This had a franchise that was installed in the outlets on that particular Mallpoint. So it was actually very immersive for Philip and an extremely enjoyable experience altogether.

He became a big fan for VR entertainment based animated movies. The alien descant is a successful popularity in the Hollywood lately. It is based on virtual reality. Viewers feel it be completely real. The complete level of details could be flabbergasting. The cutting edge technology that shows interactive experiences that are often popping up at the mall and many others multiplex lobbies in the country, are impressive and increasing in numbers. We can see this type of Hitch experiences in the amusement parks also.

One point of time they are in the future years. Therefore, it has become a new way for the major entertainment studio owners for drumming up the interests for their new movie releases. It is to keep the fans engaged completely. The fans are made to talk about the movie. They talk about the characters. They do so even after they are leaving out of the Theaters. From another perspective, the shopping mall owners are also gaining quite a lot. They get more people coming in.

Dreamscape Immersive

At the end of the day, what they want is nothing but to reinvigorate the properties. That is accomplished with this. They are always looking out for ways to reel in the clients who are the visitors to their mall. For example, the Westfield century Mall was hosting a virtual reality show lately and it is called an alien zoo. This was created as a Startup venture by the prominent company called dreamscape immersive. The copper showcase was running in the mall for more than a few weeks. The movie had an in-person experience attached with us.

Replaces Conventional Netflix Loyalty

US Viewers were forced to come out of their routine Netflix and do something different. They had a memorable as well as lasting experience. The computer graphics professionals who witnessed this show and read about the fabulous presentation by the real experts appreciated the contributions from the studios. There are standalone VR entertainment centers that are increasing in numbers lately. Yes, for example, the one near the group shopping Center. Anyone who visits LA will certainly love to pay a visit to the IMAX VR entertainment experience studio.

Therefore, these types of entertainments that are represented by $22 are sure to kindle the sensation in the viewers today. Alien descent is an awesome experience. This is one of the reasons why the Global VR entertainment industry is anticipated to grow bigger and bigger. The growth is expected to be more than 47.3 percentages. In terms of money that will be around 48 million dollars.

Being an Integral Part of the Movie

That is the expected amount of conversion in the next 5 years. This report belongs to Grandview research that is coming from San Francisco University. Location-based VR entertainment is the most popular of all today. This is regarded as a flexible Canvas that is meant for creative minds. Sail Mehta who is the president of For-next group, has described this to be one of the biggest platforms for creative Minds to tell stories of the most novel kind. The first innings of this fabulous medium is a grand success.

Virtual reality movies without any motion sickness take you to the next level of enjoyment, while you being part of the characters that you see. First person view is added delight for the viewer. Tell us your opinion in the comment box; we are eager to know your thoughts about the post.

Image Credit : latimes

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