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The Exorcist: Legion VR – Creeping Up On You Soon

The Exorcist: Legion VR – Creeping Up On You Soon

VrTechToday Admin May 7, 2018

While some folks look at the silver screen for relaxation and humor, others prefer the horrific and sensational. Horror movies from the beginning of cinematography accelerated the heart rate. They have thrilled the brave who sought more mystery and thrill from the unknown and inexplicable. VR has further heightened this stimulation by giving a 3-dimensional angle to the ghosts, vampires and satanic forces. Exorcist Legion VR is the example.

Popular movies have been transferred from the silver screen to VR and have fans screaming for more.  With VR, you can now walk down the dark and dank alleys, accost a ghoul or vampire.  What could be more death-defying?  Do you he the guts to do it?

The Exorcist and its successful sequels

William Peter Blatty’s novel “The Exorcist” created screams when it was made into a movie in 1973. It continues to thrill and ignite hysteria in its VR format. For the strong hearted and the brave, Chapter 4 Samaritan of the ‘The Exorcist’ is a horrific delight.    The preceding 3 chapters created waves when they were released.  The world of VR gamers eagerly awaits the release of Exorcist Legion VR Chapter 4 on Thursday 26th April 2018. Yes, the date has been announced and the wait is over.  Now all that is left, is the actual VR experience.

Blatty lives on even after his death

Blatty expired a year ago but the horror, which ‘The Exorcist’ unleashed, continues unbounded through the sequels and VR games. The author may be dead, but the appetite for the supernatural lives on in VR gamers. They await each new Chapter with bated breath and unfathomable eagerness.  The series provides non-stop suspense and bone-chilling excitement.

Technology elevates the heartbeat

The macabre, the mystery and the supernatural have fascinated a certain genre of the general public.  Today’s technology has made these aspects more thrilling with its special sound and visual effects. The makers of Chapter 4 Samaritan have spared no efforts to heighten the cryptic scenario.

Hell and High water in Haiti

The Exorcist Legion VR chapter 4 moves away from mainland USA to the Caribbean island of Haiti.  A mysterious epidemic is sweeping the island.  People are dying like flies.  Even relief aid workers are falling susceptible to this mystery illness.  With the decimation of the relief workers, help slows down and the disease is rampant.  How did this disease begin? When will it end, if ever? You need to assume a character’s disposition to crack the mystery.

How strong are you to do this? You will have to use your grey cells to unlock the enigma. But do you have the gumption to outlive the demonic forces at play?

Steam and Oculus Stores will be bringing you the answers to this question when they launch. If you have the guts and bravado, Chapter 4 Samaritan is definitely for you.

Your valuable feedback is our inspiration

We continue to bring you more excitement and thrills with posts like Exorcist Legion VR.  Please do let us know what aspect of the game you liked best.  If you have suggestions to makes to how we can improve the experience, please speak up.

Image Credit: Exorcist Legion 

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