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Facebook influence to manipulate you – VR Revolution or VR Threat

Facebook influence to manipulate you – VR Revolution or VR Threat

VrTechToday Admin March 28, 2018

The recent news of Facebook data breach has come as a blow to many across the globe. This has posed a crucial question to the masses. Does virtual technology pose a serious VR threat to the future? Technology has the power to tailor one’s thought along with influencing people’s behavior.

A newer dimension of the real world

Spending greater time on internet leads to influence of virtual world. Virtual reality does have many advantageous points along with their share of cons. VR is poses as a potential tool for treating drug addiction and opioid epidemics. It is a safer tool for modulating the criminal behavior of prisoners. VR threat holds the potential as a powerful gadget in transforming one’s thinking in mere 15 minutes.

It is much easier to construct every detail using VR technologies. To make the study of VR easier, we have enlisted the pros and cons of using VR. They points of Virtual Reality Technology are as follows:

They are more immersive

VR in a fast pace is getting into each of our systems. On wearing the VR gadgets, the definition of reality gets transform for the viewers. Patients feel the pain every emotion projected through VR. This technology has the power of manipulating peoples’ mind with it continuous exposure. This means whatever happens in the Virtual world is going to stick around for a long time.

Virtual Reality causes much less distraction in comparison to Televisions and other medias of technologies. This is the very reason which renders VR the unprecedented power over the human mind. The technology has much more pros added in its favour. This power of VR poses it to be a potential tool for treating psychological conditions.

A new dimension to collect data

The structuring of Virtual Reality helps in collecting the data in a more refined way. Using the infrared sensors in the system, one can perfectly duplicate the reality into the virtual world. Technological advancements of VR harnesses treatment for major psychological illness. Personalizing the information on VR deems on rendering a newer dimension to revolutionize the working of the medical world.

VR poses a potential threat in harbouring fake news and projecting data as real. VR has the power in altering realities and revolutionizing the meaning of advertisements.

A remote-controlled future

The VR technology controls, everything one sees, hear, smells or even thinks. The researchers and technologists are leaving no stone unturned in cleaning up the manipulative mess of VR. Though users still remain oblivion about erasing the line between virtual and real.

What is the developer’s say on VR threat?

The developers are constantly working to enhance the guidelines and for drawing boundaries to prevent from VR threat. With many new discoveries and invention made, the shadow of misuse follows too. For preventing any malicious use of the content posted, developers have been constantly thriving to set VR ethics. This includes protecting user data, limiting data collection, and safeguarding from manipulative hackers.

What does use of Virtual Reality coin to?

After what happened between Facebook and its data steal, the questions have become graver. Will the effects of VR without the backing of proper guidelines turn into a threat for future? Is it right to entrap technology into the ambit of rules?

Well, irrespective of what VR threat or opportunity VR holds for the world, one can’t deny its future benefits. With a neatly set guideline and working in harmony with technology, we can revolutionize the world towards a better future.

This question is for viewers. What do you think Virtual Reality is – A boon or a curse. Share your thoughts through comments.


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