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Facebook’s new Oculus Quest Review


Facebook is set to release the new Oculus Quest on 21th May. This VR headset has so much to offer and at some point it might be the best VR headset in the market right now. However, it’s still faced by some of major shortcomings witnessed in previous headsets in the market. Some of these shortcomings include a grainy screen which was witnessed in previous headsets. When compared to wired headsets Oculus Quest is less powerful and it’s also a bit more expensive compared to non-VR consoles. This headset however comes with some cool stuff. For instance, there is no additional hardware requirements, its inside-out tracking works well and some of the virtual reality games can be supported in this headset.


Oculus Quest maintains the minimalist aesthetic of the original rift. The headset has a trio of straps and a black fabric covering the whole its body. It also comes with a slider to enable adjustment of the distance between its lenses. The headset has replaced previous Rift’s headphones with directional invisible speakers which makes the whole headset sleeker compared to previous headsets. The quest hardware comes with 128GB or 64 GB storage, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset. Some added features include a USB-C port for charging, volume rocker. To use it, you don’t require a gaming PC since this headset is completely wireless. Quest inside-out tracking is far much better compared to previous headsets. Mapping a play space is much easier with Quest, upon putting on the headset a user can paint lines virtually on the floor. In previous headsets a user had to walk around a room to trace boundaries. Quest comes with improved resolutions from previous Rift’s, it has a resolution of 1600 *1440 pixels on each eye and its lenses are also improved greatly. With this headset a user can play some of the best games like ‘Robo Recall’ and ‘The Climb’, it can also support less graphic intensive games.

What are some of the headset shortcomings?

This headset also has some shortcomings, for instance, it’s less powerful compared to wired headsets. The cameras of the headset detect edges, this might result in some problems when in a totally bare room. The cameras can pass grainy video in a user’s screen. It’s also slightly heavy and more expensive compared to non-VR consoles. However, comparing this drawbacks to the cool features of this headset, it’s still worthy going for it.


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