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VR experiences that make you feel real emotions


According to Chris Milk, the founder of Milk Studios; it is possible to immerse one in scenes and feel very real. Almost each and every one has tried to evoke actual human emotions through virtual words. During Virtual Arcade, present years Tribeca Film Festival; few VR experience came into rise.

1,000 Cut Journey – Placing You in Michael Sterling

Racism, discrimination, and the indignity are experienced with 1,000 Cut Journey. And immersing you through the life of Michael Sterling. This black man faced the bitter experience of racism throughout his pre-teen and adolescent years. Subtle behavior like getting a scolding for similar actions exhibited by his white classmates earlier and many more experiences leverage VR conventions.

As you raise up the controllers (HTC Vive) in response to the vicious and angry police order to put your hands up,  your body stiffens. Nobody will be there to help you out. Your face down staring at the floor and forcing you to make sense of what is happening. Raising your head will let the policeman have his hands on holsters followed by hitting you with fearful chills down your spine.

Vestige – Centered on Lisa Elin, The Main Character

Vestige is another form of VR experience centered on Lisa Elin, the protagonist. She recalls the past and sweet memories of phone calls with Eric, her deceased husband. Elin’s Tearful narration includes abstract as well as colored lines that help in attracting your eyes at best.

You will notice a change in memories through displayed experienced on the place you look for a certain time period. Her voice express despondency and forced optimism, which comes out from the spatial studio that makes her experiences vivid all around you, making youincapable of escaping her sorrow.

Vestige is no doubt dazzling as well as heartbreaking. Lines between Elin and her husband during his last hours form a mixture of bodies and appear as one.

At the Tribeca Film Festival, Hero, a large scale VR experience by iNK studio took all the audience by surprise and was, by far, the most popular. Moreover, it won Storyscapes award of the festival. Strapped with an HP Z VR Backpack, the experience will let you move around a town in Syria during a normal day.

After a sudden hit by an air strike, the entire peaceful scene turns into one of horror, flames, and death within few seconds! How long this horrible experience lasts is totally dependent on the path adopted. Whatever be the situation, Hero will overcome youwith emotions.

Once you start walking around the carnage; a mixture of fear, apprehension,and empathy will overwhelm you. Feel the trill withsight of dead peopleseyes and the sounds of horrifying screams. A simple possible pathway will ask you to walk physically across a ledge to rescue a helpless little girl. The chaos of the scene will imbibe a fear of heights. The terrifying sights of people blown up to pieces will look real in your mind, so real, you’ll forget it’s all simulation.

The Day the World Changed – Turning History to Horror

One of the most devastating times in history comes to life in The Day the World Changed, a  VR experience that will immerse you in the catastrophic effects of the bombing of the 1945 Hiroshima bombing by the United States. Picking up of discarded artifacts will trigger phantom voices of real-life recounts of the horrible event from victims and survivors.

Have you thrilled with this horror experiences, do let us know 🙂

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