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Is this your first experience with VR Fitness then we are here to ease you in

Is this your first experience with VR Fitness then we are here to ease you in

VR Tech Today May 26, 2018

Are you all set for your very first month with VR fitness? You have set everything up and are raring to go. Then,here are a few tips for you to get the most out of VR Fitness.

Games on a Budget

In around a $100 you can get some interesting games. These can give you a good variety in your workout. In this budget, for your cardio, you can get Holopoint or even Thrill of the Fight. If you want something fun and less intensive you can go for Superhot or Sairento. If you have a little more stash you can also go in for something like Skyrim or Fallout.These light and fun titles can help you enjoy and forget the fact that you are actually working out.

Even when not on sale, VR games are easy on the pocket. Waiting for steam sales can be really rewarding. Even the recent games will have good discounts. VR fitness is all about having fun and that means keep changing the routine.

It can give you sore muscles

VR games have the ability to make you move like you never thought possible. You will need to bend and twist to avoid some disasters that come your way. You may even have to squat or half squat and stay put in that position for a long time. Games like boxing provide intensive cardio. VR games provoke the player to move.

Doing some stretching exercises beforehand will go a long way. It is especially essential to avoid any muscle strain or fatigue. This is also a reason to have a number of different games at your disposal.

Diversity in Fitness

From all kinds of sports to shooting there is everything in VR Fitness. They have a way of making people come back for more. And also helping people get in shape.

Progression is Amazing

This is the foundation of VR Fitness. This is what makes people come back for more. Just getting to the next level is incentive enough. Here, the changes in your own body also add to the incentive. You should always have all the accessories at hand for a fully immersive experience.

Make any game a Gym Experience

Add a new dimension to your games. You can sidestep to get more workout for your legs in games like Holopoint. If you yourself become a moving target, then getting you becomes difficult and it also makes you move a lot.

You can add such hacks to any game and achieve your daily fitness goals while having a lot of fun. And if you get to another level, then there is an even better chance to celebrate.

VR Fitness can make a gym-phobic person also enjoy fitness. It provides fun along with exercise. You can actually lose weight while playing a VR game. What else do you want in life I say!

Do let us know your thoughts on your first time with VR Fitness. Leave your comments below.

Image Credit : Sports Science and Black Box VR

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