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Hacking VR – MIT Students Explore New Dimensions of Virtual Reality

Hacking VR – MIT Students Explore New Dimensions of Virtual Reality

VrTechToday Admin June 20, 2018

The active pals from MIT are aiming towards bringing about great transformation in the computer simulation. They are hacking VR and heading towards making the best of it. To achieve this, some basic amendments are drafted. They want to prevent the tired behavior which one develops from exposure to VR for long hours. There are queries about how getting immersed in the thrill and experiencing it are different. Also, there are many issues to learn how to use some of its functions.

The New Language

As stated by Rodriguez, a medium enables us to express a certain thing. So, they are aiming to make a language with the help of this medium.
The course mainly deals with the innovative work rendered by the automation. For some scholars, rather than being technical, it is more like an art. This art makes the scholars learn more.

As Rodriguez continues, he states that he wants his students to know the fields and the differences in them. Therefore, he begins with an introductory Hacking VR class.

The computer-generated reality experienced by the virtual actuality makes the user become immersed in the world generated by a computer. The AR or the augmented reality makes the user have a real experience of the objects generated by the computer. Furthermore, 360 video implies that the user feels as if he is actually a part of the computer-generated world. In this, you can have a look at the world from all angles.

Experiencing the Virtual

Humans are on a never-ending expedition for all the upcoming possibilities. They are always ready for having amusing experiences and getting thrills.

With the help of the technology, humans have finally achieved what they used to long for. The technology helps the students to become creative and get a better picture of their ideas. Also, they can exercise various new possibilities and experiments on the new VR gear. Some of the gears are the Rift Touch Controllers of Oculus, Mixed reality HP headsets and Samsung Gear 360 headsets and cameras. To make Hacking VR class more interesting VR simulations can use for storytelling.

Experiments with the gadgets

The pals started to work and advance the virtual actuality and augmented actuality aspects of the device. They thought of working on many aspects such as the life after death and making a tour of the campus of MIT. They are trying to do many experiments with the device and getting a better 360-degree view with it.

Several amendments can be made in the device to make the best of it. Many latest features can be added and the old ones can be altered to make it better. Hence, there would be an improvement in the storytelling procedure of the gadget.

Exploring the possible outcomes of a certain event and developing a way to get the desired result is a part of the innovative procedure. Anyone can achieve the goal if he not fear with failure and keep trying. One should try all the ideas possible to get the desired outcome.

The MIT family has set on advancing the protocol and aspires to add latest features to it. Also, it is aiming to eradicate all the drawbacks and aims to develop the handset. Do like the Hacking VR post. Don’t forget to drop your comments.

Stay tuned!

Image credit : MIT

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