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How HOLOFIT is making fitness a fun process

How HOLOFIT is making fitness a fun process

patrickrisa May 5, 2019

Exercise has great benefits to the human body, however, cardio can sometimes become very boring and less motivating. From their personal experiences, Holodia, a fitness company, saw how Virtual Reality can make cardio a fun and interesting process. Holodia developed HOLOFIT platform which integrates fitness with Virtual Reality. This platform has transformed the fitness landscape by integrating VR headsets, fitness machines and games. This integration of Virtual Reality with fitness is transforming retention rate of members to a rate of more than 70% in a period of six months and it’s a great accomplishment. Besides the Virtual Reality environments, Holodia is adding games to the HOLOFIT platform which so far has over 100 options for individuals to work out.

Holodia is working to grow the HOLOFIT platform, right now the platform has 36 workout tracks to make cardio a fun process and four workout models to motivate a user. HOLOFIT market is growing widely with customers around the world using this platform. For instance, in the US several large gyms for example Midtown Health located in Chicago, 5Strengths and YMCA NJ are embracing this platform.  Other countries embracing the platform include Brazil, China and EU markets. Holodia also has customers in hospitality fitness especially in the luxury segment in countries such as Middle East, Japan and French Alps.

Holodia recently added a new workout track called Cyberpunk, it’s a challenge for users to accomplish it but it’s an interesting and emotional journey. During the FIBO event in Cologne on April, Holodia demonstrated the HOLOFIT Pro on an elliptical, two rowing boats and three bicycles. It received positive feedbacks from those who tried out the workout tracks and the gaming modes as well as the multi-player mode.  The multi-player mode is great way HOLOFIT is encouraging interaction in the gym environment.  Holodia is also releasing HOLOFIT Go, this is a premium mobile version of HOLOFIT which is an upgrade for home fitness machines,  a user has just has to create a Bluetooth connection and they are good to go. Share with us what you think about the integration of Virtual Reality with Fitness on our comments section.


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