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How Libraries and museums are using Virtual reality to preserve essential records

How Libraries and museums are using Virtual reality to preserve essential records

patrickrisa April 1, 2019
A library plays a huge role in protecting critical objects and information, moments in life and artworks of great artists for future reference. Most of this library information is stored in paperwork which is becoming monotonous overtime for users of this information. Libraries are however implementing Virtual Reality in preserving this vital information and bringing a new experience to individuals. The University of Nevada in Reno is an excellent example of the institutions implementing Virtual Reality in their libraries to create a unique experience for library users. Michelle Rebaleati, a multimedia specialist in the University Libraries speaking to an audience during a TEDx talk, illustrated how the university is implementing this great Idea. “My role with the Libraries is to identify and preserve important objects, artwork and moments in time. To do this work, I utilize virtual reality (VR) and other multimedia technology.” Told Michelle when opening her talk. Michelle emphasized on some of the previous and current projects the University Libraries is undertaking in implementing virtual reality to preserve past information. For instance, this projects included “walking with reality” a documentary film, a virtual anthropology museum, and the Reno Street Art project

The Reno Street Art Project

The Reno street art project is a multi-media archive which consists of street art displayed in Reno from July 2017 to December 2017. This archive includes more than 500 street art entries that represent over 200 individual murals. With the application of virtual reality, Ren street art fans now have the chance to experience the art in a whole new experience. For instance, users are required to wear a VR headset and select the mural they want to view. They are then teleported to the specific location in Reno containing the art and have a 360-degree video experience of the art.

The virtual museum

In addition to that, Rebaleati explained how the University Libraries is working in partnership with the anthropology department in the university to introduce the first virtual museum in the institution. According to Rebaleati, the main components of this virtual museum will comprise of scans and photographs of Native American baskets. The 3-D scans will then include the virtual reality museum, and users will have access to this content in late 2019 and early 2020.

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