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How spherical displays can make virtual reality more sociable

How spherical displays can make virtual reality more sociable

patrickrisa April 3, 2019

Some individuals think that with the introduction of virtual reality, anti-social behavior among individuals is on the rise. This has been as a result of virtual reality users only interacting with computer-generated characters and not getting the opportunity to collaborate with real-life individuals and seeing each other. However, the implementation of a platform that allows individuals to interact with players and seeing them means the platform should have accurate avatars, and this will require a lot of hardware. With the introduction of Crystal, a ball-shaped VR display, multiple individuals can now watch it simultaneously, and its relatively cheap since its components cost significantly low.

Overview of crystal

Crystal is a mixed reality display consisting of a hollow ball-shaped 24-inch display and gives the user a 3D virtual experience but compared to the usual virtual reality display it’s overlaid on the real world. According to research conducted at the University of Saskatchewan and University of British Columbia, crystal display will support perspective-corrected for a single viewer in stereoscopic view, and for multiple viewers, it will require additional mobile screens.

This ball-shaped display integrates several aspects including perceptual viewpoint and multi-projector calibrations and flicker glasses creating a high resolution and frame rate. For Crystal to create images, it uses four calibrated Optoma GT750ST projectors. This images will then appear on spherical plexiglass with a clear projection coating. This display has the advantage of allowing multiple people to have a view of the created images. This will create socialization among users, and it’s of great benefit for individuals who prefer multiplayer experiences as compared to gaming alone.

Applications of Crystal

This display will be of great benefit to individuals interested in gaming. Besides that, it will be applicable in computer-aided design and teleconferencing.  “Imagine a remote user joining a meeting of local users, at either location you can have a Crystal globe, which is great for seeing people’s heads and faces in 3D, or you can have a team of industrial designers in a room, perfecting a design with the help of VR and motion tracking technology.” Explained Ian Stavness, University of Saskatchewan professor.

What do you think of Crystal, a ball-shaped VR display, please let us know in the comments section below.

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