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How Virtual Reality eases the recruitment process

How Virtual Reality eases the recruitment process

VrTechToday Admin April 28, 2019

Virtual Reality application in recruitment is having a positive impact in the process. Recruiters who have used VR technology in the recruitment process have experienced an increase in qualified applicants as compared to when the previous recruitment methods are used. Organizations are increasingly adopting this trend and using VR technology in various ways such as assessing applicants. For Instance, Jaguar car brand, developed a virtual reality code-breaking game as an aid in its recruitment process. Through the game, applicants got an opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles and break some codes in challenging puzzles. Through the game Jaguar tested the applicants’ persistence, lateral thinking, problem-solving skills and curiosity.

Walmart Training Employees with Virtual Reality Photo Credit: edtechtimes

Through virtual reality, organizations are able to provide applicants with a great immersive experience. Virtual reality provides a much better immersive experience compared to videos and printed materials. Young applicants are more attracted by the multimedia feature of VR as it provides them with better experiential opportunities. It gives applicants an opportunity to experience being in that particular organization, this is usually a challenge for young applicants as they do not understand what its like working in that organization. Walmart, for instance, is one of the organization using VR immersive experienced in training its employees to gain various skills ranging from customer service to compliance.

In addition, Virtual reality is enabling organization to provide applicants with office tours, applicants get an opportunity to explore an organization culture through VR. It helps new applicants understand what an employee in an organization experiences in a day. Upon putting on the VR headset applicants get a free-flowing and personalized exploration of the organization. During the tour an applicant can bump into one or two employees who give them their favorite experiences in the organization and even see some organization perks such as meditation room and lunch spread.


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