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How VR technology is enabling individuals to control Robot Swarms to perform tasks

How VR technology is enabling individuals to control Robot Swarms to perform tasks

patrickrisa April 5, 2019

VR technology can be applied in Robot Swarms. Swarm robotics is the utilization of several autonomous robotics to do a particular job. Robot swarm technology coordinates the physical behavior of a significant number of simple robots in a centralized way. The action of the robots comes from the interactions of the robots and the interaction with the environment they are located. VR technology is enabling people to control simultaneously, tiny robots in a way that is compared to a child collecting a swarm of crawling ants.

How VR technology works on robot swarms

After putting on the VR headset, the operator remain in a virtual arena which has about nine robots that can navigate and coordinate independently with each other. In the virtual arena, three of the robots have real-world complement nearby. To move the robots, the operator reaches the robots in simulation and picks them. The operator can trap them using a wall that has a pinch and drag motion or guide them.

A technology known as Leap Motion gestures-tracking which is attached to the outside of the headset is used. The instructions obtained from the use of the Leap Motion gestures-tracking technology are sent via radio signals to the real world. The operator is allowed to zoom in and out by simple gestures when dealing with the virtual environment or to move within the simulation There are two technologies, VR technology, and Gesture tracking technology that can be used to control the robot swarms, and it is a requirement to combine the two techniques.

Challenges of VR technology in Robot Swarms

Some challenges are facing the real-world application of VR technology on Robot Swarms. Capturing adequate data for realistic creation of simulations and quick transmission to prevent lagging of the simulations. Researchers claim that the missing ingredient might be the upcoming 5G mobile communication technology.

Image Credit : Engaget


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