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HTC Vive Focus VR- A much improved standalone VR device


Since its introduction in the markets of China in later half of last year, the HTC Vive Focus standalone VR headset has been a huge success. On the eve of things, HTC in the recent weeks declared that the device will be available in other parts of the globe by the end of the current year. Of Course, licensed developers around the world have to create content for the device as it has its own platform. HTC hence has provided dedicated portals where the developing kits are available to them.

A Technical Brilliance

Up until now, customers had to connect VR devices  to their PC, Phone or other devices with wires which was a messy affair. Presenting the Vive Focus VR, a product made by the collaboration between HTC and Qualcomm. The device has an impressive Qualcomm 835 processor built into it and hence enables optimum VR experience on the go. Although they built it to support Google Word Sense environment, HTC later pulled out and decided to power it with their own system. The HTC Vive Focus runs on the room tracking technology by HTC. Later sources have come up with information that HTC plans to install even the latest Qualcomm 845 processor to the device as it builds newer batches . HTC launched the device to work in their own Viveport platform rather than the more conventional Google Play platform used by most other devices.

Unique in its field

The implementation of HTC’s own system made the device the effective VR headset it is. Customers will no longer have tethering issues which were ever present in the earlier versions and also the VR devices by most other companies. But saying that, the device won’t provide visual effects of the same level as the previous VR devices. So, what exactly makes the device so hugely successful in China? Let’s find out.

Stress-Free movement

The HTC Vive Focus notoriously supports Six degrees of Freedom which means customers can experience the VR environment from all angles, up, down, left, right, front and back.one of the issues with VR devices was the inability to avoid collision with other things while wearing the device as it would practically make the person blind from the present world. Inbuilt sensors in the device allow users to roam about freely without the fear of something hitting them on the way.

Under the hood

HTC fitted the device  with 2880*1600 resolution high definition screen which enables optimum VR experience. This lets users have a staggering 110 degree of vision which only adds up to the whole VR experience. HTC constructed the device with  Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it  also comes with inbuilt 3.5 audio jack, built-in speakers and microphones.  HTC has fitted the Vive Focus headsets with a rechargeable battery with prolonged battery life. The device supports memory extension with SD cards up to 2TB.


In China, HTC Vive Focus launched at a margin ranging from 630 to 680 dollars on the various colour schemes. The Electric blue model costs 680 dollars whereas the Almond White version only costs 632 dollars. HTC is yet to announce any formal pricing for the product’s launch in the other parts of the globe later this calendar year. All in all, the affordable price factor will only add to the success of the device.

HTC’S target customer

According to the company they built the HTC Vive Focus device to attract an even bigger range of customers in the mainstream market who want a more portable package for daily use which also comes at an affordable price. Markets sales in China would suggest that HTC is well on its course to achieving their goal for the device. HTC has also given extra initiative to developers by allowing them 100 percent revenue generated from the title sales and Viveport subscription.


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