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Has Virtual Reality Finally Broken into Professional Markets?

Has Virtual Reality Finally Broken into Professional Markets?

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

Virtual Reality is not explored to its full potential yet. The constant failure of VR products to make an impact may be one of the reasons. The scope for Virtual Reality in professional markets is huge. But the regular setbacks that the technology faces hinder its progress.The recently launched human eye resolution headset by Varjo may lead the way for VR into professional markets. This headset uses human eye resolution.

Professionals are the target consumers for these headsets. Professionals from all fields like automotive, manufacturing and also medical can use these.

What’s so special about human eye resolution?

The human eye resolution headset can help provide a thorough and realistic training. Everyone from doctors to pilots can get an edge in training. It is safe and yet immersive.

A need for powerful computers has always been a hindrance to VR. The image quality took a hit due to the bandwidth.

To counter both these, the human eye resolution is the answer.

What does the human eye resolution headset provide?

These human eye resolution headset by Varjo provide the image quality of the human eye. This means that everything that you view will have human eye resolution. This is the first company to achieve this. They have brought human eye resolution to VR. Human eye resolution amounts to almost 10 times the resolution currently available in the VR market. All the training’s using this will be like real first-hand experiences.

Many businesses are trying to get their hands on this technology. They have already tried VR but its use has taken a hit due to poor resolutions. This technology will help all businesses to use VR to its true potential.

Many had already started using VR but just for the novelty of it. Now, they can use it to their advantage. VR can resolve many issues and problems in businesses.


Enterprise network security when using VR

The major concern for any enterprise is data security. No one wants to out their trade secrets. The confidential data should not leave the company network. The individual IT units of a company need to take care of this. Varjo also claims to have taken these fears into consideration. They have designed their VR solution accordingly. Obviously, they don’t want people to shy away from adopting their solution.

It is paramount for all VR solution providers to consider the current state of technology. They need to check if the existing technology is compatible with their solution. This is one of the major concerns in VR implementation across businesses. Most of the current VR solutions require high-end configurations. This is the major hurdle that Varjo has overcome. Their human eye resolution headset do not require high-end PC’s. The existing infrastructure of companies is capable to run their solution.


Advantages of VR to company heads

Each and every business is different. Also, every company runs differently. Virtual Reality helps companies be in the virtual design game. They will stay in the business for long. Anything done manually takes time. Using something as amazing as a 3D printer can also slow you down. The real look and feel can never be experienced until the end product is complete. Generally, this is a tedious process. It can take months to get the real picture. Then comes the iterations. Constant iterations also prolong the final result.

VR is the answer to all this. It can give a real-life picture. It can make you look and feel things. The once longer process times can shorten to a few minutes. All this will be possible with the ease of VR usage. This kind of speed is a first in this field.


Please let us know your comments about human eye resolution headset and this article. Feel free to leave any kind of feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve so feel free to comment!

Image Credit- Flickr

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