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Learn Interior Design with VR, all thanks to Yulio Technologies

Learn Interior Design with VR, all thanks to Yulio Technologies

VrTechToday Admin May 7, 2018

When it comes to architecture and design, Yulio Technologies are the leaders in VR for this field. They have come up with a revolutionary course which focuses on architecture and design. Yulio Technologies calls this course “The new reality of Virtual Reality”. This interior design with VR course gives us a glimpse into what VR can provide to this field.

The course will help familiarize its users with the commonly used VR terminology. It will also help them learn how to apply it in their own work profile. The course also provides VR case studies. These are based on real-life scenarios which will help the users learn problem-solving.

The course focuses more on the practical aspect of architecture and design. It will help students learn how to actually put to use the tools at hand. A number of helpful tips and “how to’s” will also be included. The course will be helpful in learning analytical capabilities. It will also aid in making full use of the technologies at hand. The approval from IDCEC and the CEU’s for this course proves the authenticity and effectiveness of this course. This also makes the course an effective way of teaching in the architecture and design field.

A Continued Education Unit or CEU comes after working with the experts from this industry. Yulio Technologies is one such expert so students who go for this course can benefit by gaining units. This  will help them achieve further development in terms of education in this field. Places like The American Institute of Interior Designers need people who have atleast one unit every two years.

So this interior design with VR course will be of great help for students to secure their future. This course, “The new Reality of Virtual Reality” is roughly worth 0.1 units. Such a system is aides in keeping people from this field abreast with the latest in the field of technology. In this fast-paced world, it is mandatory for people to keep up with the constant development of new techniques in the field of architecture and design.

Yulio Technologies has been in the Virtual Reality space last year. They had come up with a course called “VR For Business”. Yulio Technologies launched this as an email course. It is a course having five parts. So, Yulio is not new in this space. They have already played around in the VR course niche. This interior design with VR course is available completely free of cost. It particularly targets people who are eager to accommodate Virtual Reality into their businesses. That means people who want to accommodate VR into their business structure.

There was also a heat mapping launched by the company along with gaze tracking in Virtual Reality. This enables people to take pictures accurately within the environments of Virtual Reality. These pictures are of whatever interest the user and anything that grabs his attention within the Virtual Reality experience.

Heat map analytics help achieve this. Generally,mouse movement mapping is done. This helps get the points that interest the user. All this is done assuming that the user stops the mouse at whatever he finds interesting. It further helps in getting better pictures of things that the VR user finds interesting.

Stay tuned with us for the latest and the most accurate updates of interior design with VR. Please feel free to post comments about what you like or dislike about this article. We appreciate all kinds of feedback as they help us get better. Help us improve by leaving your valuable comments below.

Image Credit- Yulio



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