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Jupiter & Mars – Mysterious and Futuristic Story of two Dolphins, about their Sacrifice and Love while Conserving the Future

Jupiter & Mars – Mysterious and Futuristic Story of two Dolphins, about their Sacrifice and Love while Conserving the Future

VrTechToday Admin June 10, 2018

Virtual will soon be the reality of the near future. Television shows and video games aid in exploring the concept. Dolphin is an endearing creature. Both children and adults like it immensely. Every human being in the world, love to watch them. They are extremely smart creatures. Dolphins can also sense human emotions with great ease. They are one of the most intelligent creatures in the world.

Stars of Virtual World

Dolphins have all qualities of becoming a star. Thus, Dolphins will star for an upcoming  VR video game show. The name of the show is Jupiter and Mars. Tigertron has produced this show. It is impossible to view Dolphins in daily life. The show explores a new side of Virtual Reality. Herein, VR technology will help in erasing the barriers of impossibilities.

What is the Jupiter & Mars story about?

The upcoming VR story of Tigretron will star Dolphins. One can watch them by playing lead characters. The show comprises two Dolphins. One named Jupiter and other named Mars. The VR story is futuristic. The story revolves around their lives and their actions.

The plot of the show is as follows – Jupiter & Mars are two Dolphins in the ocean. The world is devoid of humans. Whole mankind is extinct. But there they have something left behind which is pollution.  Pollution has badly affected the nature. Jupiter and Mars have decided to treat the pollution created by man.

For this, they explore five different ‘Biomes’. A group called ‘the elders’ help them in this. They now enlist oceans which humans have polluted. They work in reducing the pollution, making the world a place healthy and peaceful for the living.

A highly spirited tale of conserving oceans

Many VR experts have a different take on the concept. The show is termed as a spiritual comeback of a Classic SEGA tale. The Jupiter & Mars story resembles the game ‘Ecco the Dolphin’. The plot follows a similar concept. Thus, experts call this as the sequel to the previous shows.

Passing a strong message using Virtual Reality

VR technology is an effective medium for educating masses. Jupiter and Mars does exactly the same. Jupiter and Mars explore many oceans. The areas include cities sunk underwater and tropical islands. This explores the beautiful environment inside the ocean perfectly. The show explores the damage underwater lives have faced. This includes ocean acidification and coral bleaching. The issues humans are facing in present time.

The creators have tried bringing the reality in fore. This makes VR a good option for future. The show passes on a strong message about the threat nature faces with Virtual Reality giving precap of the future.

Efforts for saving the environment from pollution

Tigretron and Ocean Foundation are working closely with conserving the environment. The main aim of the developers is saving the marine life. This includes creating content of Jupiter & Mars which supports the cause. The show mixes together dimensions of Video games.

Passing a Strong Message

Games are an interactive medium. It lets the audience have an active involvement with the content. It’s a unique way of passing on a strong message. Video games are popular among st youngsters who play an active role in conserving the world.

Final Words

Developers Tigretron introduces Ocean Foundation through the game for supporting the cause. The game is available on PlayStation 4 and Play Station VR. The video game show will release this summer 2018. Developers will release the complete details soon.

Will VR help in preserving environment? Is it a potential medium for education? What do you think? Let us know your ideas and thoughts. Comment on the segment below on VR.


Image Credit : PlayStation



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