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A review of Kartong : Death By Cardboard by SVRVIVE Studios

A review of Kartong : Death By Cardboard by SVRVIVE Studios

VrTechToday Admin April 17, 2018

There is always a time when a game makes you re-evaluate the existing genres. Kartong: Death by Cardboard is one such game. It has a creepy fiendish way about it. You just can’t categorize this game into one genre. This horror-filled puzzle game in VR has you in for a surprise. It has nothing that you have seen in such games till now. The game will definitely have the last laugh if you start with it thinking its like any ordinary VR puzzle game.

The Vive by HTC, The Oculus Rift and the Mixed Reality headsets by Windows all had an early access to this game. After it had a successful run it had a full-fledged release. This game has you as a shooter. It is a puzzle game so expect some hidden elements. But this game has a lot in store that is not predictable and it surprises you. The Kartong: Death by Cardboard game has an extremely detailed VR environment. It also comes with a one of a kind gameplay. Death is a normal thing in the game as you will know once you get a hang of it. So the appearance of the word in the name of the game itself sticks out.

The Kartong: Death by Cardboard Gameplay

This game places you in a city made of cardboard. The city itself is a puzzle due to its maze-like structure. The atmosphere created in the game is good as it does manage to unsettle you with the strange surroundings. You can actually live in this cardboard citydue to your tiny size. This game takes care of every minute detail which makes it a selling factor as many aspire it but few actually achieve it.

You are not the only one around as there is also the person who shrunk you, Sven. He is a Youtuber who creates a number of experiments to hurt you.There are many things that will help you or trouble you like cameras, collectibles, some traps and some tips. The design of the game makes you feel frightened and miniature. You may find the décor cute but in a creepy way. Even the traps are objects which would usually be small but appear scary due to your size. The camera “eyes” of Sven keep following you which increases the fear. The game is very well put together. This pulls you into the clutches of this mini-world.

The Traps

Being covert is the key thing in Kartong: Death by Cardboard game. Everything is designed around stealth. The game works with both smooth locomotion and also teleportation. Teleportation works better as it is better with the stealth approach. You can choose where you want to teleport. There is an option to choose the exact spot instead of just randomly moving around triggering traps. This “charge up”options helps in stealthily approaching your next spot.

There are many weapons available for you in case the need arises. The tiny crossbow is the major one. There are also matches and needle pins. Almost every enemy respawns so you need to act fast when one is down. Each level has its own dreadfulness and each is unique in its own way.

Weird Fun Game

This is a creepy and a difficult game. There is a major learning involved in the Kartong: Death by Cardboard game. Even if you strategize and finish the enemy at the end of a level, the entire play changes the next time so you have to re-think strategy again. This actually may work in favor of the game as it will get people to keep playing it.

If you are wary of looking for unique, stealthy games then your search ends here. Kartong: Death by Cardboard is one game that has puzzles, amazing gameplay and creepy traps that will amaze you. Do go for it and let us know how you found it. Please leave your comments below. We look forward to constructive feedback.


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