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Kids Immunization is playtime with Virtual Reality Headsets

Kids Immunization is playtime with Virtual Reality Headsets

VrTechToday Admin March 8, 2019

According to a saying, when a child is born a parent is reborn. To protect kids from dreadful diseases, vaccinations given till certain age. Vaccinations and injections are a nightmare for children and parents too. Throughout the childhood it creates fear of pain in them. Many hesitate to visit the doctor and postpone their schedules also. In order to reduce the fear and anxiety in kids, a pediatrician Rudnick, came up with this solution to use the VR headsets.

Basically, VR headsets are devices mounted on one’s head and creates a virtual reality experience. This device has display, sound and head motion tracking sensors. Useful in playing games and visualizing the virtual things to be real. These are either connected to smartphones or computers. There came to a halt the use of smartphones, now it’s the era of  VR.

How the Idea came in?

The doctor thought about the idea after treatment of an 8-year-old boy who visited  for a vaccination and used VR headsets. During the entire vaccination, the boy didn’t show any fear or pain because his mind was working on the game. This result gave him an idea about the responses on child.

According to Rudnick:

“The child placed the goggles on his head and as I proceeded to give him an injection, he didn’t even flinch. Even his mother said, ‘Did this really happen?’. That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head. It got me thinking whether this outcome was just a one-time incident or whether it would work again.”

Theories says, the person have less stimulus generated to fear if involve in another task.There wasn’t any proof of VR helps during Immunizations. Hence pediatrician Rudnick planned to study the working of these VR headsets. The main aim of the study focuses on efficiency and usefulness in easing the pain of needles.

Rudnick focused mainly on pain and fear that was haunting the child. For the study, he used 3D VR headset and smartphones. The kids was in between 6-17 years of age and are given a choice to play their favorite VR games. Patient examined for 30 seconds post immunizations.

What Survey Says?

Parents completed the survey which included the questions regarding the behavior of their child post immunization regarding fear and pain anticipated. Results showed that 94.1 percent have reduced the feeling of pain and are comfortable now. With this achievement, many pediatricians are showing interest in the use of VR headsets during Immunizations. It helps them to perform their task smoothly and easily and no havoc in handling the kids for both parents and the doctors.

The kids are showing interest to play their favorite VR games and so that less sensitive to the pain they generally feel during needles.

Hope this article is helpful for the doctors and parents to make Immunizations fearless and painless.


Image Credit : Twitter

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