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Learn Amazing VR Game Design Lessons from Sea of Thieves

Learn Amazing VR Game Design Lessons from Sea of Thieves

VrTechToday Admin March 29, 2018

There is always a lot to learn from the various game makers all around us. After four long years,one of the greatest game developer studio Rare has come up with the game “Sea of Thieves”.GoldenEye007 is one of the major games from this studio. This captivating game can teach a whole lot to game developers about VR and design.

A maximum of four players can play this game interdependently. These players together navigate the tricky waters on their ship. The motive is to find the fortune buried somewhere in the vast waters. The path is obviously not easy and you have to often deal with skeletons, the unruly sails and a lot more. You even have to transport cargo at times.

A fascinating model seamlessly joins the players together in this game.There are times when you and your crew wade through the open seas from one island to another where at times you may be alone for almost 30 minutes at a stretch. Then all of a sudden you spot another ship and you know that the other players have arrived. This is the time you have to show your skills toreact to this.This is the way multiplayer mode works which is quite different and a welcome change. You can check out the game trailer to get a glimpse of what it has in store.

There are many things that other players in the game developing world can learn from this engaging piece of work.

No abstract UI and innate human interactions:

You feel like a part of the world portrayed by the game. It engages the player as you know that the others are lurking around somewhere and you need to get them before they get you.

General game information is always available to players in a game.This game provides an innovative way to display this rather than just sticking it in a corner of the screen. There is a way in which the players can access this information. There is also a button that gives players the ability to show this data to the world inside the game. This way of the world having the information available makes this game more realistic.

Also, the  Sea of Thieves game uses natural human actions to take actions in the game instead of navigating through menus. If a crew member wants to start a quest he has to keep a scroll on a table in the captain’s cabin. If a member wants to access a weapon he has to run to the lockers below deck instead of navigating a set of menus and submenus.

Sharing of the Game world:

The interactions in the game are so natural that you can choose what your game plan will be. The game does not impose that you have to get rid of the other crew that you come across. You may as well be friends with them. Once you have achieved a common goal you can go ahead and finish them off. The motive is always getting rid of the other crews. This game does not force you to do it though.This makes the game free form.

Use of hands in VR provides actual human interaction

Most of the games have weapons. The weapons generally are just a part of the hand or arm. You can’t make an action to say hold the weapon in the other hand. You have to go and choose the option from the menu to achieve this.

Now using hands as part of the VR experience makes these actions much more real than ever. Engaging VR games like this one has taken gameplay to another level of indulgence.

There’s never a boring moment:

This game doesn’t ever have a player just moving in a monotonous way. There is always something to do. The players need to learn the tricks of sailing to enable them to successfully wade through the waters. When there are no other threats the players can learn and master these skills that will come in handy later in the game.

Co-operative gameplay beyond traditional games:

Traditional games and even some VR games have the same villains and the same weapons used to get rid of them. This game actually engages the players to achieve a common goal. The members of the crew have to work together to successfully sail the ship, keep an eye on the map and direct the person at the steer-wheel, keep a constant lookout for enemy ships and so on. A lot of teamwork goes into Sea of Thieves game. This brings it much closer to reality than traditional games.

Freedom to choose action or relaxation:

Players don’t always want to engage in action. They want the ability to pace their gameplay with equal amounts of action and free time. This game provides this kind of freedom. If you earn some relaxation you can just drop anchor and take in the breathtaking views around you and enjoy the seas. If you want some action you can start looking out for approaching danger and get ready to combat it.


These are few of the learning that game developers can take from this mesmerizing and engaging game. Share your like, dislikes or if you have any valuable suggestion, with us.


 Image Credits- Flickr

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