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Microsoft currently has no plans to continue VR support on XBOX

Microsoft currently has no plans to continue VR support on XBOX

VrTechToday Admin March 8, 2019

Microsoft has completely pulled the plug on the plans to provide VR support on the Xbox. Their Chief Marketing officer confirmed that they don’t have any plans for virtual or mixed reality consoles for Xbox. He also agreed that the PC’s are the best platforms when it comes to virtual and mixed reality but for the Xbox, they focus more on what one would play on TV.

This has all but thrown the VR console for the XBOX plans out the window, as of now at least. The Project Scorpio, according to the Xbox chief back in 2016 was supposed to have a console with high-end VR support similar to what is available on Windows PC’s. Also, Microsoft had joined hands with Oculus for Xbox controller support for the Rift, the rumors were rife that the Scorpio will also support the Rift.

All this failed to happen but Microsoft did go on to announce a whole line of VR headsets later the same year and also said that mixed reality would be a reality on Xbox devices in 2018. Sadly this is still a distant dream. At the E3 last year, Microsoft Xbox chief seemed totally unenthusiastic about this. He went on to say that VR support on Xbox is years away. Now they are not even showing a spec of interest in it.

He also mentioned that the VR market did not, in fact, move as fast as they had predicted. Sony, on the other hand, has done pretty well with their PlayStation VR set. Microsoft has gone ahead in the VR for PC’s domain though. Teaming up with their partners like Acer and Samsung churning out plenty of VR headsets for VR with PC.

The Xbox faced a considerable setback when they over enthusiastically sold the Kinect motion controller. Due to this, they are still trying to get the Xbox to a competitive position. This kind of justifies their shelving the virtual reality plans for the Xbox. It seems they are keener on reviving it its position as a gaming console first. In addition to this, they are focussing more on the business use cases of virtual and mixed reality headsets. This is what they would like to target as of now.

Also, their main focus is to make VR support for TV more interesting. They feel that TV is the best interface for a VR experience which is why it is their area of focus. They want to make this experience more indulging and exciting. This is their primary focus and they want to play more on these experiences as of now.

Do let us know your thoughts on Microsoft decision. Your comments are important to us and any feedback good or bad helps us improve more. So, please do leave your comments below.


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