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Microsoft has just made it easier to port Virtual reality games and apps with OpenXR

Microsoft has just made it easier to port Virtual reality games and apps with OpenXR

patrickrisa March 20, 2019
Virtual Reality has brought a new experience in the world of gaming. However, this technology is facing a lot of challenges especially when an individual tries to port some virtual reality games between different devices. This issue has become a challenge as some of the games are compatible with specific devices only. Nevertheless, with the OpenXR, an individual will be in a position to move these games which are made exclusively for individual devices to other platforms more easily. Furthermore, this royalty free and open platform also has the potential of enabling users to use some of the virtual reality headsets across different platforms. Microsoft has just taken a step and added this platform standard to Windows Mixed Reality devices.

An overview of OpenXR?

The OpenXR platform is a royalty-free and open platform standard from Khronos and includes an application programming interface. This standard enables different developers to program their apps and games and be able to run them on various applications such as Google Daydream and SteamVR. It allows developers to build games and applications that are compatible with both holographic devices and immersive devices such as Windows Virtual Reality headsets used in desktop PCs. Besides that, this standard will enable developers to create a device layer. This layer will allow their games and apps to interact and display on various virtual reality devices. This standard will ease the developers’ work of building apps or games for each platform. “Microsoft believes that for mixed reality to thrive, it must be open for everyone: open stores, open browsers and open developer platforms. We’re dedicated to supporting the launch of OpenXR this year on Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens 2. To help developers provide feedback, we’re releasing today a developer preview of our OpenXR runtime with support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.” Said Alex Kipman, a Technical Fellow at Microsoft while emphasizing the need for OpenXR on mixed reality.

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