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New AR Minecraft Game for Mobile phones-MINECRAFT EARTH

New AR Minecraft Game for Mobile phones-MINECRAFT EARTH

patrickrisa May 26, 2019

Microsoft has recently announced a new Minecraft AR game known as MINECRAFT EARTH which uses augmented technology. The good news is that the game is free to play, in addition it is a brand new project, and it is not an extension of the other original game.

The good features of Minecraft earth

The game comes with many main features of the original game into AR. Just like the original game, you have the ability to make your own creation, For instance place the creations on real world and as you go through the real world you obtain resources and gather more characters and also animals that are used to make the surrounding environment populated.

Very important point from Microsoft is that the game uses a technology known as Azure Spatial Anchors. This technology gives multiple phones the ability to see and operate on same space. The concept of walking on the streets, getting your phone and being able to see everything it can be said to be overpowering. Microsoft puts it clear that the game will not be having loot boxes hence no micros transactions will be involved.

In this game, players will have the ability to cooperate in the creation hence being able to craft amazing creations together. Some versions of survival mode are also included and the player will also have a good platform to show survival skills. This game will be played on both android and iOS phones unlike being played on the dedicated AR hardware for Microsoft, the Hololens 2.In minecraft earth you will be able to experience small bits of minecraft in adventures pockets on the over world map which uses open street maps for all its location data to help in exploring the real world in the game.

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