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MK2 bags rights to Four Cirque du Soleil VR shows

MK2 bags rights to Four Cirque du Soleil VR shows

VrTechToday Admin March 30, 2018

The sales and distribution rights for the VR experiences of the acclaimed Cirque du Soliel is a major achievement. This feat was acquired by the Paris-based art house distribution network, MK2. They have acquired the license to four of the Cirque du Soleil VR shows. These include the Outstanding Interactive Media Daytime Emmy award winner, “Inside the Box of Kurios”, “KÀ The Battle Within”, the winner of SXSW’s award “Dreams of ‘O” and the brand new addition “Through the Masks of Luzia”. These rights included location-based rights which mean sales and distribution to the actual venues.


MK2 runs a thriving distribution network and theater chain in Paris. It has over 42 years of experience in cinematic excellence. With 26 operating theatres spread throughout Europe produced close to a 100 films. They have several awards in their kitty for their production work which includes 160 major awards. Innovation seems to be in their DNA and VR is the natural progression in this direction. They plan to offer a plug-and-play technology for VR and also a dedicated communication VR agency. 


MK2’s VR cinemas in Paris will run the four Cirque du Soleil VR shows. Their VR Pods spread across the network will also carry these four VR experiences. Scandinavia’s Nordisk Film and Brazil’s Arvore were among the first clients of MK2. VR cinemas and location-based centers across the world can also benefit from this deal. MK2 has confirmed that it will license these VR experiences to all such third-party entities all over the world.


The Cirque du Soleil which started out in 1984 in Montreal, Canada with just 20 street performers has become the world leader in live entertainment. They have successfully re-invented the art of the circus from what as we knew it. They have since performed all over the world in over 450 cities and still counting. They employ over 4000 people which include artists coming from more than 50 countries. 


They were contemplating over the years on ways to distribute their virtual reality experiences around the world. They were always on the look-out for innovative ways to help people enjoy and indulge in their offerings. So this deal comes as a natural next step to provide their VR experiences to new audiences around the world. The Cirque du Soleil VR shows is a world-famous troupe. They are on a constant hunt for avant-garde ways to offer out of the box experiences to the audience. This often takes them down offbeat tracks to elevate the audience’s journey.


The year 2016 saw the first VR facility in Paris, later expansion done with international sales and VR content. They also licensed the Felix and Paul Studios comedy “MIYUBI”. Thus began their collaboration with Felix and Paul Studios who are the experts in VR content. They will continue this collaboration and continue to provide the amazing and innovative VR experiences to the worldwide audiences. The four VR productions that this collaboration produced have already won recognition and awards and honors from the industry.


High-end cinematic VR and Felix and Paul Studios have almost become synonyms. They are the reputed leaders in producing some of the most high-quality VR productions. They are the lone full spectrum VR studios that showcase end to end creative and technological knowledge. 


With Cirque du Soleil VR shows they have created some of the most unique and innovative VR experiences like “MIYUBI”. They also collaborate with franchises to provide amazing cinematic experiences like The Jurassic World.

Image Credit- Flickr

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