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Mixed Reality making its way between Virtual and Augmented Reality to Transform Experience

Mixed Reality making its way between Virtual and Augmented Reality to Transform Experience

VrTechToday Admin June 15, 2018

Are you ready for the latest exciting realities? They are just a few steps away. Today virtual reality has become a common place for people. With the headset on, you can easily relate to a sphere of sight and sound. However, it also stands in the same line. Available in different forms, it can comprise text blocks and information or games and cartoon images. Whatever, it might be, it always helps you to communicate with the surrounding. As a result, both have earned popularity. But have you ever thought what will happen when you combine VR and AR?

Recently, the borderline between both seems to erase off with mixed reality. Hence Microsoft stands as the biggest player in this space. Moreover, with Hololens headset, the company is guiding the way.  Before we take a deeper look at MR, let’s take a drive at virtual and augmented segment.

A look through

Sometimes it gets hard to differentiate between the various digital realities. On one hand, VR engulfs a player in the digital world which can be a video game. A computer creates non-physical settings. Users interact and explore this setting. Specially designed hand controllers help in enhancing the experience. With the help of 360-degree video, the practical earth comes to use. For example, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, can work with the headset.

On the other hand, AR set down digital objects on the original sphere perspective. Though users reside in the original globe but some non-real elements appears on the screen. For example, you can take Pokemon Go. You can experience it through your smartphones. AR glasses came with varied reaction and none can stand as a leader after the failure of Google Glass.

Apart from this two, MR envelope and connects not physical objects in the original earth surroundings.

Mixed Reality : Combine VR and AR

Actual applications are developing constantly. And thus, this development has given rise to mixed realities’ few forms. One form provides the way to overlay and interact with the actual globe. Hence this is an advanced type of augmented process. While another form of MR blocks actual earth and takes a cue from complete non-physical surroundings. Though, initially, you may find it as a usual VR. But at the same moment, the environment interacts and overlaps with the actual sphere.

MR amalgamates layered elements in the genuine surrounding with the digital perspective. However, combine VR and AR allows you to do certain things that are not possible in both. Microsoft Hololens has made it possible. The headset allows overlaying non-real worlds’ holograms over the old technologies. Moreover, it provides a feeling of presence in the non-existing world. Hopefully, we can explore more with the growth of the technology.

 The world of experience

Marshall McLuhan stated technologies’ medium will change our views of ourselves and the actuality despite the content.  Thus, in the future, augmented and virtual actuality will not be different. Furthermore, it will change our perception of doing and viewing things. VR, AR, and MR are going to be the next step to advancement.

One day, actuality technologies can go into operation allowing surgeons to see x-ray and other images at operations time.  Moreover, artists and designers too can get benefit from this technology. Likewise, drones can relay information while flying. Therefore, there are endless possibilities about how can it affect our lives.

Future possibilities

Artists and Inventors head the way for future technologies. However, combine VR and AR provides us a blank canvas on the natural environment. As if internet finds its new channel apart from the computer screen. Hence, this could mark the new beginning of technological era.

What do you think? If you have some other information, please don’t hesitate to share with us.

Image Credit : Flickr

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