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Now get ready for Childbirth Prep through Birthual Reality


Soon to be parents can now prepare for childbirth through VR thanks to a Nordic insurance company. This Virtual Reality experience will give them the entire “what to expect” details and that too in a 360-degree view. What else do you need to be equipped for this major event of your life? It will be a whole lot easier if you are already aware of what exactly is to come. This birthual reality concept will definitely help young moms to be, especially the first-timers.

Virtual Reality is the new in-thing now, especially in gaming. It seems like a fad to many but it has many applications that are worth a try. Many hospitals and universities develop such applications. Visualising congenital heart defects is one such application which the Stanford children’s hospital uses. The Family Reunions Project is yet another Virtual Reality experience which helps immigrants reunite with their families. Such applications show how Virtual Reality is makes a difference in people’s lives. These help them provide relief to their patients in a better way.

Now, Gjensidige Insurance is also coming up with one such unique virtual reality experience, Birthual Reality. This is the first time a person can experience childbirth. This video is of Sweden’s Orebro Hospital. It is a video of 10 minutes that gives an insight into the preparation for childbirth and labor of a young couple. It is a full 360 degree video. Later, the angle is an over the shoulder one at the time of the actual birth.

Some hospital midwives think that such experiences can give an actual insight into how a child is born and it will help people understand it better. They also feel that it will definitely help ease the discomfort faced when preparing for childbirth.

Even if the gaming community has discarded virtual reality as a fad, many hospitals and universities keep working to seek new applications like birthual reality to help provide better service to patients.

Dealing with anxiety and pain is much easier with virtual reality. There is a lot of evidence that shows virtual reality really helps patients. Although no one can promise to ease the pain when it comes to childbirth at least the company thinks that new parent to be can at least prepare for the upcoming events. Such birthual reality experiences can help many in preparing well for the big real event. It may not ease the pain but will atleast prepare you for what is to come. Also, this experience does not try to paint a pretty picture and present it. It shows the ground reality which is what helps people.

The entire video is available on YouTube for all. Gjensidige has also provided all major maternity clinics of Sweden with “Birthual Reality” headsets which are typical Google cardboard-style ones.

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Image Credit : Gjensidige Insurance

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