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LG and Google showcase OLED display for VR with 1443 PPI

LG and Google showcase OLED display for VR with 1443 PPI

VrTechToday Admin June 8, 2018

It is been years that VR headsets’ current generation is around in the market. But looking at its popularity, it sounds very surprising. Hence the latest generation VR headsets fail to reach its limits. Though the makers expect high outcome but couldn’t avail so popularity. Recently LG and Google previewed their latest project. Hence the Giants believe that they could make a sound with their newest creation. However, the program can boast both augmented reality and virtual reality. Hence it could prove to be the much essential shot that it urges for.  An OLED display for VR with 4.3-inch show brags refresh 120 Hz rate and 1443 pixels per inch.

Unveiling OLED display for VR

LG and Google choose the Display Week expo of the year 2018 for the divulging of their OLED display for VR unit. Talking about the panel, it consists of an 18MP (4,800 x 3,840) resolution with 120 x 96 view field. Hence it can be used in a set of two where one screen resides as an envelope on each eye.   However, with high expectation, Google reveals their thoughts.  Hence they said that in the glass show panel, this is the highest resolute device of the world.

Benefits of the latest technology

Certainly, it is advancement on the current VR Pc powered headsets. Talking about the current availability in the market, we have HTC Vive and Vive Pro. However, the HTC Vive offers 3.6-inch screens with 1080 x 1200 resolution and 448 pixels per inch. Hence the next Vive Pro comes with 1440 x 1600 resolute 3.5-inch show with 615 ppi.

Research says

However, we recently came through a research paper that says the upper bound vision of human is 9600 x 9000 with 160 x 150 FOV. Hence the researchers stated that the design makes utilization of the device in white color and filter color structure. This design helped in getting pixelization of high density. Moving, further, the researchers revealed the design also incorporated LTPS n-type backplane. Hence it will help in faster response. However, the researchers hope that the LTPS backplane will provide response time much faster than that of the unit of the mobile phone.

Users may find the integrated custom driver circuit interesting in the exhibit. However, the foveated rendering will excite the users even more. Hence the upcoming graphics technique only renders as per user’s wish while seeing 4,800 x 3,840. Though everything beyond that point gets blur or lower resolution. Other feature of the exhibit includes 150 cd/m2 @ 20 % duty brightness. OLED display for VR also shows off more than 15,000:1 contrast with the depth of 10-bit color. However, the multinational technology company that the screen bolster up 120 Hz.

When we get it?

You must be luring to get the exhibit in your hands. But it might turn out to be little upset as the multinational giants have not stated any time. So we still don’t have any idea as for how much time we have to wait to see it in the market. So we need to hold our patience. According to experts, it is going to be a great hit as soon it will be at retail outlets. However, it is impossible to predict anything from now. But there is no reason for not relying on the expertise views. Hence when it arrives at the retail outlet definitely AR and VR will be more popular than now.

What do you think about this latest OLED display for VR headsets? Do you have any additional information? Share with us. We always appreciate your thoughts. So please don’t hesitate to share your views with us.

Image credit : LG and Google at Display Week expo 2018

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