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Overview – A New Virtual Reality Opportunity for Experiencing Space

Overview – A New Virtual Reality Opportunity for Experiencing Space

VrTechToday Admin March 29, 2018

As technology evolved, the world made a no. of advances in the field of Virtual Reality. Virtual reality refers to a computer-generated experience where a person is able to interact with a three-dimensional environment or image. The person is able to use electronic devices to help make the experience feel more lifelike, like using a helmet or gloves that makers equipped with screens and sensors to stimulate the person’s senses. Most recently, the virtual reality world offers the ability for people to experience outer space and explore the various planets, stars, and moons throughout the galaxy.

Orbital Views released this new virtual reality experience on March 1, for the HTC Vive, and called it Overview. The suggested retail price for this virtual reality experience is $24.99. With the purchase of the program, makers include support and game updates free of charge. In addition to this version, those who currently use the Oculus Rift version will be able to play the game on a compatible version on April 2. At the time of its release, the developers made only two chapters available, but the game creators are continuing to update the game with additional chapters, which will be included for the game owners in the future at no additional cost to them.

The purpose of this new virtuality reality experience is to give a person the chance to experience outer space for themselves and to also raise an awareness of the role that the Earth plays in the universe. Amaury Solignac produced the game Overview, and Paul Mezier is the game’s director and wanted to ensure others were able to have the same opportunity to explore space for themselves. The result will be a heightened level of awareness and consciousness amongst users. For this reason, the user will see actual stars and recognize the various constellations they are used to seeing from Earth, but instead up close and personal.

Previously, Paul Mezier had been a film director, with a speciality in virtual reality. He had been entertaining the idea of completing a documentary featuring the stars. After meeting Orbital Views, Mezier joined with the Orbital Views team to bring a virtual reality experience where others could experience outer space first hand. Out of their vision, the game Overview was born, making it possible for everyone to experience the vast outer space for themselves.

To ensure the experience is as close to reality as possible, they used data from both the European Space Agency and NASA. They combined this data with the team’s experience in providing virtual experiences and film. The result is not only a virtual reality experience where people can see various bodies, but also the developers share additional information about them with the user. They will walk away from the experience with knowledge of the locations of the planets and stars, and their relation to the Earth.

The makers designed the game Overview for people to play in one of two modes. In the story mode, the user is able to have a tour of outer space. Anthony Hyde narrates the tour and they designed it to give an overview of astronomy, providing basic knowledge about the stars, planets, and moons throughout the galaxy. The other option is to have an interactive experience where the player can view the different bodies in the galaxy more freely. According to the makers, the game will also have additional features made available to those who have purchased the game as they release new updates to the public.


Image and Video Courtesy-  Orbit Views

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