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Perfect Meta-lens for headsets is closer to a possibility

Perfect Meta-lens for headsets is closer to a possibility

VrTechToday Admin May 21, 2018

In the past, virtual reality headsets have been heavy for the user to use for a prolonged period of time. Nanotech Researchers have discovered the ability to create a slimmer lenses that is lighter weight and clearer than previous lense options. The picture the user is able to see is less distorted and more lifelike than ever before. This has been possible by changing the speed at which light is able to pass through the lenses. The result is all the light reaches the user at the same time. It produces a clearer and sharper image for the user. This technology is useful in a number of different devices. Some include cameras, mobile devices, and even virtual reality headsets.

Benefits of Slimmer Lenses

There are a number of benefits of slimmer lenses in virtual reality headsets. The most obvious includes the potential for the weight to be less than more bulky lense options. Previous lenses also created chromatic aberration, which resulted in a distortion of the colors seen by the user. Different speed of light passing through the lenses creates this. The newer technology eliminates this. The overall virtual reality experience improves for the user.

Eliminates The Need for Multiple Lenses

Using the newer slimmer lenses reduces the need for multiple lense virtual reality headsets. This is because previous headsets needed to have multiple lenses to shift blue, green, and red. The multiple lenses reduced the distorted colors seen. The use of a single lense also makes it possible for the cost of manufacturing virtual reality headsets to decrease. Not to mention the ability to create a slimmer and lighter weight headset.

Potential Improved Wide Field of View

One focus in virtual reality headsets has been in increasing the field of view for users. However, there has been some drawbacks. The increased field of view also increases the potential for chromatic aberration to occur. This happens when the user is not looking at the center of the lenses. Adjustments to the software occurred, but did not eliminate the issue. The use of this newer technology has the potential to reduce the distortion seen. This improves the wide field of view on many virtual reality headsets currently on the market today.

Anticipated Production

Unfortunately, there is no anticipated production date for the use of this new lense in virtual reality headsets. The lenses are useful in other forms of technology. Expected production for other markets are more likely. This includes cameras and mobile devices, before they enter into the virtual reality market. When more widely recognized for their ability to improve the user experience, the virtual reality headset is to follow afterwards.

Do Nanotech Slimmer Lenses Interest You?

Does the recent development of these nanotech improved lenses interest you? Is it something you would like to see used in virtual reality? Let us know what you think about the possibility of clearer and lighter weight lenses in the comments section below.


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