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PlayStation VR prices and deals in May

PlayStation VR prices and deals in May

patrickrisa May 12, 2019

During the launch of PlayStation VR it used to cost an estimated price of $350. However, Sony has cut down the price of the VR and now you can find this headset for a price as low as just $249 and this package comes with a camera and a game. We have compiled some of the best deals and prices for you to check out this month to get the best value for your money.

PS4 camera deals

For a VR headset to work you will need a PS4 camera. This camera is retailed at a standard cost of $60. The new model comes with a TV-mount that is inbuilt. However, you can still use the older model on your VR headset. You can find this recent model on eBay at a cost ranging between £40 and £45.

PlayStation VR bundles in USA

  1. PlayStation VR, GT Sport and PS4 camera deal at $249 on Amazon

GT Sport is a great game to play on PlayStation VR and this game is best played with the in-car view point. To enjoy this lovely interior you will need a PS4 camera which is included in this deal.

  • PlayStation VR , Astro Bot, Moss and PS4 camera deal at $249 on Amazon

This is one of the best deals thanks to the addition of Moss and Astro bot, this deal is family friendly and inclusion of this new titles saves your money buying them later.

PlayStation VR bundles in UK

  1. PlayStation VR, VR worlds and a PS4 camera deal at  £249.99 at John Lewis

With just a price of £250, this is one of the best offers you can get at John Lewis, this deal unlike the one in Amazon comes with a two-year guarantee.

  • PlayStation VR , Ace Combat 7, VR Worlds deal at  £289 at AO

This is yet another great deal for you to enjoy the mini game VR worlds and fast fighter jets at a pocket friendly price. Don’t hesitate to go for this deal available on AO.com


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