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Print 3D Model of Unborn Child – VR Technology Sneak into the Future

Print 3D Model of Unborn Child – VR Technology Sneak into the Future

VrTechToday Admin March 28, 2018

The news of welcoming a newborn is enough to brighten the mood of the entire family. The announcement of news is enough to set everyone in the preparation mode. Everyone gets excited about the little one’s birth, to know who it resembles the most. While this was just a dream few years before, with VR technology this dream is all set to turn real in near future.

Now, one can create their unborn child’s model printed in the format of 3D even before its birth. Expectant parents have the opportunity to get a print 3D model of their yet to be born child. They also plate the models entirely with gold to enhance its look.

Technology making impossible possible with ease

Technology has the power to make anything possible. The time has arrived when one can see their unborn child’s form printed in 3D. The Ultrasound scans processes creates a plastic model of the unborn fetus.

How the idea come into being?

Ideas to become real, needs just a tiny spark of innovation. This very thing happened with Mr. Gridin the brainchild behind this VR technology innovation. It thus happened, Mr.Gridin’s friend, an expectant mother approached him worried about the health of her yet to be born child. This is where the idea to create 3D models of unborn fetus cropped out to understand the fetus health.

An avid gizmo and tech-savvy by nature, Gridin’s brain sprung up with the idea of printing the child’s image. Resorting to immense research, he found new technologies available at that time, to achieve his dream.

They printed the models previously only using plastic. Using technological advancements, they create 3D models of the fetus. The models print comprise of plastics, later on covered with precious metals. This enhances the 3D fetus model’s overall look, whichthe expectant parents can preserve as a memoir. This 3D model makes up the very first photograph of a child even before its actual birth. It is truly a trophy for expectant parents to cherish for lifelong.

What are the other advantages of this technology?

The foremost advantage of creating this kind of 3D models is to check the child’s growth. The 3D imaging Models detects even the minutest birth in the unborn fetus of the child. The Radiological Society states this to be a novel way of allowing parents to witness child’s development outside the womb.

The pilot run of the technique was first carried on in Brazil, back in the year 2016. Through this model, the expectant parents could view their unborn child using the realistic 3D imaging VR technology. Scientists carry on tests and experiments using the 3D models in the place the live fetus, this render the physician accurate results and also enables them to spot any birth defects if present in the fetus.

Methods for spotting defects

Researchers use the Oculus Rift to study the growth of fetus through its 3D model. They later transfer Ultrasound and MRI datain the real-like fetus model using Oculus Rift vertical headset. Even the expectant parents deem this technique advantageous. Herein, they get to view a sharp realistic image of the baby instead of the blurry polaroid images of ultrasound.

After conducting MRI scans, scientists use the data acquired from MRI to reconstruct the 3D model. These Virtual models resemble exactly the life-like fetus. Recreation of internal organs such as respiratory tract, a heart is possible using VR technology. Thus, it makes it easier for doctors to spot abnormalities and take respective measures for the cure.

                                Credit – Radiological Society of North America

A step into the future Virtual world

The Oculus Rift-2 technology drowns the expectant parents into a surreal world of magic.  From hearing the heartbeats and seeing one’s child move, is enough to drive the expectant parent ecstatic.

A novel tool to prevent abnormalities and to nib them on the bud. A sneak peek into the future, watching the yet to be born child. Technology has proven to be a savior for even medicine in treating disorders. So, what do you think? Will this novel technology help create an immortal world? And has the time come where one could go on to interact with their unborn using VR technology?

Drop your comments for us to know what are your thoughts? Your feedback will help us present you much better ideas.


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