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Review : The Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin

Review : The Psychonauts In The Rhombus Of Ruin

VrTechToday Admin May 7, 2018

One of the most creative companies in video gaming is “Double Fine”. With their unique style and creativity that makes them stand out from the competition. One of the company’s most popular line of games is Psychonauts. When Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin was released in 2017 it was an instant hit.  It initially was designed for PlayStation VR but later was available for PC.

Between Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin is set between the original Psychonauts and Psychonauts 2. As a result the story line fits nicely between the two. In Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin, the characters (Coach Oleander, Raz, Milla, Sasha, and Lilli) come across the ruins of Psychonaut facilities. They become trapped and in order to escape, must solve a mystery.

Great for Long Time Psychonaut Fans or First Time Players

While the story line follows where the original left off, the Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin has its own story line. As a result it is great for first time players, but former fans will likely pick up on tidbits from the previous game’s story line. Either way, it is apparent the characters have a previously standing relationship, and often use friendly humor with one another.


Similar Graphic Style to the Original

While it features a different story line, the graphics in Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin are very similar to that of the original video game. The different scenes give the game a surreal and sometimes strange feeling to them. The game’s animation is exception and works very well for the VR environment. A word of warning though, there are some scenes which are reminiscent of hallucinations. The result are some very unique visuals that are strange to say the least, but nothing to cause a feeling of motion sickness.

Body Hopping with Raz

The majority of the story line features the character Raz seated and using psychic powers for body hopping. As a result, the majority of these scenes are able to be played entirely while being seated. The Oculus Touch controls are very easy to adjust to, and make playing the game easier than the previous PlayStation controls from when the game was first released.

However, the game still uses a more primitive form of movement compared to some other video games that have been released recently and use free locomotion. While it is still an excellent VR experience, for those used to free locomotion games, it may feel more cumbersome.

Do Not Forget the Egg Hunts

Just like the original game, the player is encouraged to spend time looking around. Part of Psychonauts In The Rhombus of Ruin also includes hunting for eggs. These Easter eggs give an amusing and entertaining element to the game. Hunting for eggs is also one of the few things that makes replaying the game enjoyable.

In addition, the story line of the game appears to be rather short and does not have a clear ending. Obviously this leaves it open for Psychonauts 2 to continue on, but it still ends rather abruptly.

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Image Credit : .DoubleFine

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