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Punch music in virtual reality games – Best Options to Review

Punch music in virtual reality games – Best Options to Review

VrTechToday Admin March 29, 2018

Virtual reality games give players the opportunity to experience things from driving a racecar to exploring outer space. One of the most current trends is punch music in virtual reality games. It allow players to experience variety of different ways to enjoy their favorite music while enjoying some physical activity. And the added benefit is the ability to get in a daily workout as well. Below are some of the top six music punch games to add to your gaming library.


In the game Holodance the players punch at spheres while listening to music. At different points throughout the game, challenges appear where the player has to punch to the beat of the music to beat the challenge. This game gives the player the feeling of being one with the music, while they are deflecting objects and or shooting drones. And at the cost of only $19.99, the game Holodance can be purchased from Steam to be added to your game library.


Another game from Steam is Airtone. This punch music in virtual reality game is full of vivid colors and twenty-five different music tracks to choose from. In this game, the player gets to join Neon, the host, on a rhythmic adventure. For $29.99, the player can add this game to their library, and fly through the air to the rhythm of the music.


Any virtual reality game player well versed in music punch games, have likely heard of the game AudioShield. It is not only one of the most popular music punch games to date, but also has received some of the largest number of positive reviews to date. This game is not only simple to play, but it also offers some unique graphics similar to the same feeling of Tron. AutoShield is played by wearing a shield on each hand, which is then used to block different color coded objects that fly out at the player to the rhythm of the music. As the game progresses, the spheres fly faster, and also in conjunction to other sounds that are part of the musical track. To add this game to your game library, it can be purchased from Steam for only $19.99.


For those players who want to play an interactive music punch game, AudioBeats provides the opportunity to play the drums to the beat of the music. One thing that is different from this game and other music punch games, is the ability to play the game while sitting. For those who dream of being a rockstar drummer, AudioBeats can be added to their collection for only $9.99 from Steam.

Beats Fever

The punch music in virtual reality game Beats Fever is set upon the rooftops of a city, and gives a futuristic feel to it. The player seeks to catch the different beats of the music that come flying at them. There are also options for being able to play in different scenes, including in a field of flowers. This game can provide a player with a great workout and musical experience from Steam.


Last up on the list, Soundboxing allows the player to select the different music they want to listen to. While it is a very simple game, an added bonus, is the ability to use the player’s favorite YouTube video for a truly unique experience, and creating their own playlist for game play. And at only $7.99, this game is one that every player can afford to include in their gaming library.

What is your favorite game to punch music in VR, if not mentioned above the do you have better option to suggest…?


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